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Professor Gaetano Zannini

The best laboratory in the world for production the cellular nutrition!

ZanniniIn cooperation with international research centers with world-renowned universities, and using the knowledge and experience of other scholars in medicine and pharmacology, has been launched Orodietology and developed the concept Orochronodietology, development and distribution of which is owned exclusively HAPPY.CO International, which in turn works in perfect synergy with the laboratory Zannini.

Dr. Gaetano Zannini - Specialist in General Surgery, Anesthesiology and Clinical Pharmacology. The author of over 90 scientific publications, a member of the family of the founder of the international pharmaceutical and chemical group. In 2003 he created in the city of St. Raphael in the south of France, the laboratory of Dr. Gaetano Zannini and Biomedical Research Institute named Zannini.

The purpose of this - to create a research and production center where the pharmaceutical quality and advanced technology, the natural way would be combined with the preservation of the environment and natural sources of energy. There is a very important point! Around us there is a huge amount of food, but with what their creators and producers can meet, chat, ask questions, get advice, learn how to best use a particular product? Here you have a chance! Have direct contact with the main developer and manufacturer of the product Happyco - with Dr. Zannini.

Collaboration with Dr. Zannini and HAPPY.CO International is our reflection of our internal needs in health, since that is what we consider the main value in life.

A healthy body is a healthy life-energy, creativity, love and happiness!

Healthy people - a healthy society and healthy progress of the creative world!

With this we want to share with people around the world and in this we see our mission!

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