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Very easy to lose weight with SLIM

The only preparation that enables adjustment of the body shape while respecting the day and night cellular biorythm!

Pachira SLIM designed for:
- cases of body weight increase;
- cases of swelling feelings;
- retention;
- cellulite and incrassation;
- accumulation of fat, localized masses of fat;
- unaesthetic swelling;
- loss of tone of muscles and tissue.

SLIM copes with your problems because:
1. 100% natural composition.
2. No restrictions in your diet (eat as usual).
3. It is easy to take.
4. The gradual reduction in weight (only disappears cellulite and fatty deposits).
5. Will gain good health by restoring balance to the body. The product operates globally in the whole body and will disappear as a result of other health problems.
6. The product has a 20-year history of clinical research and produced in France in the laboratory of Professor Gaetano Zannini.
7. Low price, only 69 euro per 30 days.

Here are pictures of the result after five months he lost 20 kilograms of the reception systems SLIM.


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Morning. A failure to cope with eating customs, lack of movement, stress … these are at the birth of deregulation of the biological clock of the cells, leading to excessive weight and excessive fat deposition. The fact is that the periods of activity and relaxation within a physiological cycle controlled by the biological clock play the fundamental role in the cell metabolism and for a balance between the fat deposition and consumption.

At night the cell uses:
- nutrition that is available in the blood circulation for its own demand for energy, as well as for its renewal and detoxification activities;
- its own means of protection against anti-oxidants in order to mitigate the killing effects of free radicals produced during the night activities of the cell.

In the morning, the cells need nutrition in order to restoretheir energy reserve and ability to defend against oxidants so that they can support the specific activities of the organism during the day in an optimum condition.

In presence of excessive fat, the metabolism of fat cells is disturbed, stressed, which leads to excessive production of free radicals. The fat cells thus have an extraordinary need to strengthen the anti-oxidation defence capacity.

Unlike the slow sugars, the fast sugars deposit more quickly in the morning and at noon, as certain insulin receptors (supporting utilization of sugars) are less sensitive in the morning (physiological insulin resistance). These sugars first deposit in the form of muscle and liver glycogen, then in the form of fats.

Therefore, it is required to have a sufficient amount of substances supporting degradation of reserves during the morning supply of nutrition during the slimming process.

Morning restores the reserves of energy and protection of fatcells, acts on heat release, microcirculation activation, dewatering, removal of waste products and detoxification.

Good for:
- supplying nutrition and protection to fat cells;
- supporting release of fat reserves;
- supporting fat mass reduction;
- supporting mitigation of cellulite and incrassation.

Daily. In the weight reduction process, it is important to strengthen removal of the waste from the cell metabolism and restrict the water retention phenomenon, which are two factors impairing the overall functioning of organism, feeling of “swelling” and gaining weight. During the day the cells take care of dewatering and excretion and perform their specific functions.

They need nutrition for their demand for energy and defense, as well as nutrition specific for their functioning.

The Daily Path keeps maintaining the cell needs for nutrition and defense, acting mainly on the cells providing for dewatering, which need nutrition specific for their functioning, which results in improved process of detoxification and removal of excessive water.

Good for:
- reducing overweight;
- getting slimmer.

Evening. The cells, in particular the fat cells, must get ready for proper performance of their function of renewal, regeneration and detoxification at night.

In addition, the evening metabolism differs from the daily metabolism, as secretion to the digestive system occurs, which enables excessive digestion of food. The glycogen synthesis peak (form of sugar deposition) is at night.

In the evening the cells need nutrition for covering their night demands for energy and defense, but also nutrition prioritizing the fat burning, thus inhibition of the fat deposition.

Evening thus complements the daily action of HappyCoSlim by maintaining the activity of cell nutrition and defense, but also by improving the fat mass/non-fat mass ratio thanks to its efficient action on fat burning with full preservation of the muscle tissue, also acting on heat release and supporting excretion.

Good for:
- reinforcing the body shape;
- reducing the fat mass while prioritizing the muscle mass preservation;
- improving the tone of muscles and tissue.


Morning path (Concentrated extracts of: Greeen coffee, Pineapple, Guarana, Red vine, Hibiscus - Support sweetener: Maltitol - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Flavouring: condiment; Orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils).

Daily path (Concentrated extracts of: Green tea, Ash, Orthosiphon, Cherry Stalk - Support sweetener: Maltitol - Concentrated extract of Corn - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) -Spirulina - Flavouring: condiment, Orange, grapefruit and lemon essential oils).

Evening path (Support sweetener: Maltitol - CLA (Conjugated Linoleic Acid) - Concentrated extracts of Guarana - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Concentrated extracts of Cherry Stalk - Flavouring: condiment; grapefruit, pine and orange essential oils).

Dosage regimen

Orogranules should progressively melt-in-your-mouth in order to favour their bioavailability (immediate assimilation of active substances in the mouth).
- 1 morning path Orogranule during the morning;
- 1 daily path Orogranule in the late morning and 1 in the late afternoon (or 2 jointly in the late morning);
- 1 evening path Orogranule before sleeping.

After 30 days of use, Slim Daily achieved an average reduction of weight by 1,5 kg and reduction in number of measurements, as well as reduced feeling of «swelling» and bulimia recurrence.

SLIM is the only preparation that can give the organism repeated lessons in proper balance between weight and body line while respecting the daily rhythm of the cell.

Choose the best and you'll always have a healthy weight and good health!

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