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Comprehensive update of the cells with RENEW

The only product that supports the renewal of the cells, mainly those exposed to the external aggressions the most (skin, eyes, nails, hairs and other appendages) and requiring fast renewal rate (vascular cells), while respecting the day and night cellular biorythm.

Pachira RENEW designed for:
- skin imbalance (wrinkles, decline, loss of flexibility …);
- hair imbalance (hair brittleness, loss, deadness …);
- eyes imbalance (tired eyes);
- vascular imbalance (heavy legs, varicosity, pain, retention …);
- against stress of everyday life;
- in case of higher demand for anti-oxidants.

RENEW system to cope with your problems because:
1. Has a 100% natural composition.
2. The absence of any restrictions in your diet (eat as usual).
3. It is easy to take.
4. Gradually, the problem areas will be replaced with new healthy skin.
5. Will gain good health by restoring balance to the body. The product operates globally in the whole body and will disappear as a result of other health problems.
6. The product has a 20-year history of clinical research and produced in France in the laboratory of Professor Gaetano Zannini.
7. Low price, only 69 euro per 30 days.

Here are pictures of the results of the reception systems RENEW for three months.


For purchasing a RENEW system you can going to the store by clicking on the image.



At night:
- all organism cells recover, regenerate and renew;
- microcirculation is increased in order to ensure supply of nutrition to the cells and removal of waste products from detoxification,
- these night activities of the cells produce free radicals and toxins the cell, therefore, uses its own instruments of anti-oxidation protection in order to mitigate the killing effects of free radicals.

All these night activities consume energy, i.e. the nutrition reserves.

In the morning, the cells, therefore, need to get back to acorrect nutrition level and to the optimum level of anti-oxidation stamina in order to be able to ensure efficiency of their specific daily tasks.
Morning recharges the energy and defence reserves, which wereconsumed during the night, and restores the cells, mainly the cells exposed to the external aggression the most, to the best possible condition for the new day and for ensuring their specific tasks.

Daily. The skin performs various functions in defence against external aggression, which produces free radicals. Exposure to sun impairs the cell defence ability in direct proportion to the exposure level and duration.

The Daily Path continues providing for the needs of the cellnutrition and protection, but it mainly acts on skin, capillary and eye cells directly exposed to external hazard. The Daily Path provides for nutrition, protection and support of specific functioning of these cells, especially in the area of exposure to free radicals.

Anti-Oxidation Ability of Renew Daily and Each of Its Individual. Already in low concentrations, the Renew complex doubles the defensive anti-oxidation capacity of the cells, whereas vitamin E (reference sample) does not reach such anti-oxidation effect even in high concentrations.

Good for:
- skin hydration improvement;
- maintenance of skin consistence and resistance;
- making the skin soft and firm;
- helps mitigating the wrinkles;
- strengthens hair;
- mitigates the impact of free radicals.

Evening. The skin cells regenerate at night (like all cells), including cell division that achieves its peak at around 1 AM. Microcirculation also increases in order to ensure the nutrition supply and removal of waste products (cell renewal).The vascular cell restoration that occurs at night is necessary for ensuring proper cell renewal process and thus proper process of renewal of other cells, as well.

Evening continues the support of the cell demands fornutrition and protection, however, it mainly acts on vascular cells, which require fast renewal process.

Therefore, Evening provides for:
- cell nutrition protection that enables nutrition of the skin and circulation cells;
- support their correction process and mitigate the killing effects of free radicals, production of which is very high at night;
- strengthening and improvement of tissue microcirculation, mainly the skin tissue;
- by active action on strengthening and protection of veins, with blood flow strengthening, which results in supply of nutrition to cells, their renewal and removal of waste products;
- improvement of lymphatic drainage supporting removal of toxins and waste products.

Good for:
- supporting removal of waste products;
- activates microcirculation limiting varicose veins;
- mitigates the feeling of swelling, especially in case of “heavy legs”.


Morning path (Concentrated extracts of: Olive tree, Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds - Support sweetener: Maltitol - False flax oil - Acacia fibres - Algae mixture (Spirulina; Concentrated extract of Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Zinc citrade - Yeast (Selenium) - Kiwi Oil - Flavouring: condiment, orange and lemon essential oils).

Daily path (Concentrated extracts of: Olive tree, Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds - Support sweetener: Maltitol - False flax oil - Acacia fibres - Algae mixture (Spirulina; Concentrated extract of Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Zinc citrade - Yeast (Selenium) - Kiwi Oil - Flavouring: condiment, orange and lemon essential oils).

Evening path (Concentrated extracts of: Red vine, Ginkgo Biloba, Cypress, Bilberry - Support sweetener: Maltitol - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Flavouring: condiment; lemon and orange essential oils).

Dosage regimen

Orogranules should progressively melt-in-your-mouth in order to favour their bioavailability (immediate assimilation of active substances in the mouth).
- 1 morning path Orogranule during the morning;
- 1 daily path Orogranule in the late morning and 1 in the late afternoon (or 2 jointly in the late morning);
- 1 evening path Orogranule before sleeping.

RENEW is the only treatment program that deals with the overall imbalance and that allows for restoring the organism back to balance as far as skin, eyes and vessels are concerned while respecting the daily cell rhythm.

Consume system RENEW every day and you'll feel great!

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