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Proteox is the best remedy of detoxication of your body

Cellular nutrition Proteox by HAPPYCO company enhances immunity, activates the mechanism of the natural cleaning of the organism from various kinds of toxic substances and waste products. This product is created on the basis of the new science of correct nutrition of cells named Orochronodietology by great scholar of Gaetano Zannini and is the best antioxidant tool on the market! Correct food Proteox is the best way detoxication of your body.

Over the years, in every human body accumulate toxic substances entering the body with water, food and air. They gradually accumulate in the body and toxic substances is a reason of many diseases. To prevent disease, you need to make timely detoxification. The correct cellular nutrition Proteox will cope with this task effectively, which will strengthen the protective functions of the cells of the human body by providing them with all necessary substances in the optimal proportions required for daily needs.

Proper nutrition of cells Proteox is not a medicine! This is the source of healthy and nutritious food cells!

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Proteox will improve immunity

Morning. Promotes fast recovery in the cells of the optimum level of protection and energy that allows them to cope effectively with external factors during the day. In addition of protecting the cellular nutrition Proteox supports the weakened cells in the body purification at night.

Day. During the day continues provides the necessary nourishment and protection of the cells of the organism, but also has a specific effect on the life cycle of cells of the immune system with the purpose of increase of their resistance to existing and potential threats to the weakening of the organism, arising in the process of human activity.

Evening. Supports the process of cleansing the body, which largely takes place at night, by improving the efficiency of the liver and gallbladder. Promotes the excretion of fluids and toxins, improves digestion and intestinal motility and other functions necessary for acceleration of the process of natural regeneration of cells at night.

Start enhance immunity and detoxicate eour body with PROTEOX today!