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Easy way to give up smoking with Notobacko

The human body begins to give up smoking, experiencing various unpleasant consequences of smoking. First of all, the body begins to break free from poisons. Some ex-smokers in the begin time can be irritable and restless, someone experiencing fatigue, depression. But in fact, such a state appears in all smokers, and in the period of nicotine use. Notobacko of the Happyco company, will help you to give up smoking easy and nicely.

Notobacko can be used in combination with other substitutes of nicotine.

The program Notobacko is of 3 required steps (3 months) that are individually (depending on the needs and results of a specific person). The duration of each step is 24 days, during which the participants of Notobacko's course, get a new friend the helper named «VIRCO» provided by Happyco company. VIRCO is the necessary support for your success in your wish to give up the bad habits related to smoking. VIRCO is discrete but present. You no longer have to go anywhere because VIRCO arrives directly at your place by email to remind you the importance of your decision and of the efforts you are going to make. A week before the completion of the first and second step of getting orogranules, participant will need to fill out the forms with which it will be possible to record the completed steps and to receive individual advice, and also in laboratory will be adjusted combination of orogranules individually for each patient. And every new program will be sent only upon completion of the testing and correction of the previous composition.

The procedure of getting rid of nicotine addiction with the help of the system of Notobacko consists of three phases duration of 24 days:

1. Renunciation of habit. At this stage by using orogranules is decreasing the degree of dependence of the nicotine and quantity smoked cigarettes gradually declining. Also cleans the mouth and reduced susceptibility to cigarettes taste. After a 24-day period, the participant fills in the questionnaire.

2. Fixing. The program of the second month is adjusted depending on the results of the completed questionnaire. At this stage craving for Smoking practically disappears smoker smokes very little of cigarettes or even can already not to smoke. As a consequence, improves memory, normal sleep disappears irritability and people become more energetic. After a 24-day period, the participant fills in the questionnaire.

3. Detoxification. Before start made individual adjustment according to the personal data of the second period. Cleans body from accumulated toxic substances, the person has a good health and some health problems leaves him..

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Start give up smoking today with Notobacko

Daily program participant consumes eight orogranules one at a time, slowly sucking them under the tongue in order writen in the instructions to the product. Product Notobacko developed on the basis of the new science called Orochronodietology and has a 100% natural ingredients.

NoTobacko naturally affects all three types of nicotine addiction: physical (most associated with the body doses of nicotine), mental (formed as a result of many years of Smoking) and behavioral (syndrome not busy the mouth). According INPES only comprehensive treatment of all three types of dependencies at the same time, gives the opportunity to give up smoking for people with a high degree of dependence.

Notobacko is the correct nutrition for cells, has a 20 years history of clinical trials, the results of the researches are:

1. Long-lasting result overcome nicotine addiction. 77.8% did not resume Smoking after three months upon completion of the program, 72.2% in 6 months and 50% at 12 months after completion of the program.

2. The convenience of consumption. Thanks to the convenience of consumption of orogranules and its compact packaging, easy consume them everywhere and at any time without any difficulty.

3. Get a personal trainer. The importance of free support of a personal trainer for favorable treatment and activation of the motivating factors, confirmed 87% of the participants.

4. Busy mouth. It is extremely important, because Orogranules have pleasant taste and affect on the behavior of the smoker.

5. No side effects. The main rule of any treatment method "do not harm" and a system of correct cellular nutrition Notobacko fully meets this criterion, since it has a natural composition.

The program Notobacko has been developed in French laboratory of Dr. Gaetano Zannini (company HAPPY.CO International) in order to support willpower, activating the physiological, psychological and behavioral potential of those who decided to do away with dependence of the body from harmful habits associated with smoking. Relying on more than 20 years of clinical and 40 years laboratory experience of Orochronodietology, Notobacko will help to gradually restore your body on a cellular level of the consequences caused by smoking. You will take the stress, restores correct operation of memory, you will receive an unprecedented concentration and willpower, normalizes all five senses. Using orogranules, that will gradually dissolve in mouth, Notobacko will provide you with a triple action: fill the power of the body's cells, will create antioxidant protection and restore the cell function.

If you are looking for a means to assist give up smoking the Notobacko of is your best choise!