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Decide problem aching joints by using FLEX

The only product that will ensure a global action on disturbed articular and bone balance while respecting the day and night cellular biorythm!

Pachira FLEX designed for:
- articular problems: pain, stiffness, weakness;
- bone problems: pain, demineralization, fractures;
- problems of sportsmen: trauma, muscle pain and fragility of structures linked to hyperactivity.

FLEX system to cope with your problems because:
1. Has a 100% natural composition.
2. The absence of any restrictions in your diet (eat as usual).
3. It is easy to take.
4. Completely solve the problem with aching joints, bone disease and pain in the muscles.
5. Will gain good health by restoring balance to the body. The product operates globally in the whole body and will disappear as a result of other health problems.
6. The product has a 20-year history of clinical research and produced in France in the laboratory of Professor Gaetano Zannini.
7. Low price, only 69 euro per 30 days.

For purchasing a FLEX system you can going to the store by clicking on the image.


Morning. This thwarts the evolution of the joint problem and eliminate the free radicals that contribute to aggravating the state of the joints.
The insufficient articular cell is exposed to very strong attack by oxidants. In case of articular and bone problems, we often state disturbance of the oxidant-antioxidant balance. These are really the free radicals and oxidation stress, which induce that factor, which contributes to osteoarthritis development a lot. The patients suffering from osteoarthritis are subjected to major oxidation stress. In vitro the free radicals can suppress synthesis of essential components in the cartilage cells and the studies show that these are the antioxidants that protect the cells from these attacks by radicals.

During the night, all cells in organism recover, regenerateand renew.

The cell uses:
- nutrition that is available in the blood circulation for its own demand for energy, as well as for its renewal and detoxification activities;
- its own means of protection against anti-oxidants in order to mitigate the killing effects of free radicals produced during the night activities of the cell.

In the morning, the cells, therefore, have the need torestore their energy reserves and their anti-oxidation stamina in order to be in the optimum state when performing the activities of the organism during the day.

Morning restores the energy and defence reserves, which wereconsumed during the night, and restores the cells, mainly the cells at the biggest exposure (mainly the articular cells), to the best possible condition to face the daily demands and ensure their specific tasks.

Good for:
- supplying cells with nutrition and protection;
- restricts the impact of the oxidant-antioxidant imbalance.

Daily. contributes by constantly keeping the natural cellular metabolic processes high, corrects the level of antioxidants and regenerates the cartilage in order to allow the progressive and constant reduction of joint pain and cartilage degeneration.

The articular cells fulfil specific functions. In case of articular imbalance, the articular cells become deficient and we can observe inflammation processes and gradual destruction of cartilages, which causes pain, impaired mobility and flexibility. This is why the articular cells in imbalance need nutrition for their energy demand and mainly the need for self-defence, but also for supporting their specific functional tasks.

Daily, therefore, compensates the need for the cell nutritionand protection, but it mainly acts on articular cells in imbalance, it has an anti-inflammatory, analgesic and regenerating effect.

Good for:
- mitigating and suppressing painful joints;
- improving mobility, reactivity and flexibility of joints;
- strengthening cartilages;
- protecting the articulation, the bone and the muscle from hyperactivity stress (overwork).

A complex clinical study conducted with 871 subjects (of which 542 within a single treatment and 329 within complex treatment and other problems), who were treated for 60 days, confirmed the effective action of Flex Daily on articular problems.

The Flex Daily Path also acts fast on articular problems: 65,1% of patients noted reduced pain and better articular mobility on day 10, of which 35,4% during the first week. Significant reduction of pain and mobility improvement is noticed in 30 and 60 days.

Evening. In the evening all cells, especially the articular ones, are exhausted by their specific daily tasks and they need to recover during the night. Nutrition and protection are important for ensuring the cell renewal efficiency.

The bone cells play a critical role in supporting the joints, and therefore, the comfort of the joints requires their renewal and reconstruction.

Therefore, Evening reflects the demand for the cell nutrition and protection, however, it mainly acts on bone cells, which need to be renewed, replenished with minerals and strengthened, so that they provide an efficient support to the joints.

Evening provides for :
- acellular nutri-protection providing bone cell nourishment;
- replenishment of minerals;
- strengthening of weakened bones;
- effect against pain.

Good for:
-  accelerating the mineral replenishmen;
-  strengthening the bone mas;
-  suppressing articular pain.


Morning path (Concentrated extracts of: Olive tree, Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds - Support sweetener: Maltitol - False flax oil - Acacia fibres - Algae mixture (Spirulina; Concentrated extract of Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Zinc citrade - Yeast (Selenium) - Kiwi Oil - Flavouring: condiment, orange and lemon essential oils).

Daily path (Concentrated extracts of grapple plant; Shark cartilage; Concentrated extractsof Horsetail, Nettle, Meadow-sweet - Support sweetener: Maltitol - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Flavouring: condiment, orange and lemon essential oils, Roman chamomile - contains salicylates).

Evening path (Concentrated extracts of: Nettle, Horsetail, sour orange tree, garden sage, pine - Support Sweetener: Maltitol - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Flavouring: condiment; orange and lemon essential oils, pine, clary).

Dosage regimen

Orogranules should progressively melt-in-your-mouth in order to favour their bioavailability (immediate assimilation of active substances in the mouth).
- 1 morning path Orogranule during the morning;
- 1 daily path Orogranule in the late morning and 1 in the late afternoon (or 2 jointly in the late morning);
- 1 evening path Orogranule before sleeping.

FLEX is the only treatment that acts on the overall imbalance in joints and bones while respecting the daily cell rhythm.

Make FLEX the part of your daily diet and you will be healthy!

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