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You will have much power with ENERGY

The only preparation that supplies tone and energy while respecting the day and night cellular biorythm!

Pachira ENERGY designed for:
- cases of decreased energy;
- cases of insufficient vitality;
- cases of physical and mental overload;
- cases of insufficient resistance to load;
- cases of long and difficult recovery;
- cases of difficulties with falling asleep and sleeping disorders.

ENERGY cope with your problems because:
1. Has a 100% natural composition
2. The absence of any restrictions in your diet (eat as usual)
3. It is easy to take.
4. Will give you strength and vitality for active life during the day.
5. Will gain good health by restoring balance to the body. The product operates globally in the whole body and will disappear as a result of other health problems.
6. The product has a 20-year history of clinical research and produced in France in the laboratory of Professor Gaetano Zannini.
7. Low price, only 69 euro per 30 days.

For purchasing a ENERGY system you can going to the store by clicking on the image.


Morning. A strain, whether physical or mental, induces higher production of free radicals. This is why the cells need more to relax after a full day of strain.

At night the cell uses:
- nutrition that is available in the blood circulation for its demand for energy, as well as for renewal and detoxification;
- its own means of anti-oxidation in order to restrict harmful effects of free radicals produced during the night activities of the cell.

In the morning, the cells, therefore, have the need torestore their energy reserves and their anti-oxidation defense ability, so that they get to the best possible form to support the specific activities during the day.

Morning restores the reserves of energy and defensivesubstances consumed during the night, and restores the cells, mainly the cells that were exposed to hazard from the external environment the most, to an optimum state so that they can efficiently deal with the load of the entire day and ensure fulfillment of their specific tasks.

Good for:
- supplying the cells with nutrition and defense;
- preparing the cells for better functioning during the day;

Daily. The muscle cells perform their specific functions. They need nutrition for their demand for energy and defense, as well as nutrition specific for its tasks.

Daily not only makes sure the permanently more intensivecell processes and the level of anti-oxidants, which is impaired by production of free radicals associated with everyday physical and mental strain, are maintained, but it is efficient also at the level of physical and intellectual performance by having adapting effect on the central nervous system, stimulation of adrenal and spermatic glands with stimulation of resistance to tiredness. It also shortens the time required for recovery of strengths and better mastering of physical and mental strain.

Good for:
- improving physical and intellectual vitality;
- improving resistance to tiredness;
- shortening of recovery time;
- helping to manage stress.

Evening. All cells, in particular the muscle and nerve cells, must get ready to perform their night functions of renewal, regeneration and detoxification correctly. The sleeping phase must be efficient and strengthening.

The cells need nutrition in order to provide for their demand for energy and defence. The organism must calm down in order to ensure efficiency the recovery phase during the sleep, thus efficiency of specific daily tasks.

Evening keeps maintaining the needs of cell nutrition andprotection, however, mainly acts on the nervous system cells.

Therefore, Evening will ensure the nutrition protection that will enable the immune cells to optimize the energy reserves and defense abilities, it has a soothing effect, sedative effect and anti-cramp effect with digestion easement.

Good for:
- shortening the required sleeping time;
- improving quality of sleep;
- ensuring night relax that regenerates;
- brings relief and relaxation for better natural ability to respond to impulses.


Morning path (Concentrated extracts of: Olive tree, Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds - Support sweetener: Maltitol - False flax oil - Acacia fibres - Algae mixture (Spirulina; Concentrated extract of Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Zinc citrade - Yeast (Selenium) - Kiwi Oil - Flavouring: condiment, orange and lemon essential oils).

Daily path (Concentrated extracts of: Ginseng, Ginger, Eleutherococcus senticosus; Spirulina - Support sweetener: Maltitol - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Flavouring: condiment, peppermint, orange and ginger esential oils).

Evening path (Concentrated extracts of: Passion fruit, Balm, Lavender, Orange tree - Support sweetener: Maltitol - β Meditril® (Spirulina; Concentrated extracts of Tomato oleoresin, Red grape seeds, Olive tree, Fucus; Sea lettuce) - Flavouring: condiment; orange blossom and orange essential oils).

Dosage regimen

Orogranules should progressively melt-in-your-mouth in order to favour their bioavailability (immediate assimilation of active substances in the mouth).
- 1 morning path Orogranule during the morning;
- 1 daily path Orogranule in the late morning and 1 in the late afternoon (or 2 jointly in the late morning);
- 1 evening path Orogranule before sleeping.

ENERGY is the only preparation that brings optimum levels of physical and mental energyin both normal situations and situations of higher demand while respecting the daily rhythm of the cell.

Add Pachira ENERGY to your daily diet and you will be more active during the day and sleep soundly at night!

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