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Happyco is an innovative approach to high-grade cellular nutrition

Health is a fine balance between our physical and psychological well being that evolves throughout the day.

This is a brand new therapeutic concept that tackles the many complex issues our cells face that can affect our health. Acting directly on the cell using multi-selective actions, our products work in conjunction with the cells’ needs and the way they function, offering a different solution for different times of the day in co-ordination with the cell cycle.

product happycoThis ground breaking method has been made possible thanks to OroChronoDietology®. OroChronoDietology – a revolutionary new science recognised by the International Scientific Community that is changing the face of natural health. This exclusive, patented discovery is the result of 20 years work by the Research and Development teams of Dr. Gaetano Zannini in collaboration with International University Centres.

This 100% natural treatment comes in the form of a new and patented Orogranule™. Much like a snowflake, the active ingredients and the container are one and the same and this offers three unique key factors:

- the Orogranule™ protects and nourishes the cells with no risks;

- absorption is directly through the tongue and mouth;

- there are no capsules, excipients, gelatine, cellulose or preservatives.

Thanks to these characteristics, the products raise efficiency standards to the maximum, and are faster, more practical and safer.

Each system HAPPYCO, except functional orientation, which she carries in itself, nourishment and protection of human cells, also works in two important directions:

1. Regulates the digestive process;

2. Normalizes the human biorhythm.

The product works very multifaceted, affecting different systems of the human body. Important to emphasize the normalization jet lag, because it's very important, but people have forgotten about it even think. After all, we are children of nature and must live by the sun. We do not go to sleep when the body needs and after so hard to get up in the morning. We use alarm clocks and hate them for what they do not give us sleep, and scientifically proven that they are harmful, because they create stress in early our day.

Our product will bring you back to the good life, it will make you go to bed earlier and sleep in a fun, and it will wake you when you sleep enough with sunrise. Using even one system during the course of the month, you will feel the tangible results and make a big contribution to your health. A consistent use of these products will make you truly fully healthy person, as your cells will get everything they need for a full, healthy and happy life. Truly a great happiness to use HAPPYCO, besides it's delicious! Absorbable candy and get healthy! We already see how we are transformed with this product and now it's available for you!

These five scientific benefits are made possible thanks to the proprietary exclusive and patented technology of Orogranules:

- The only ones who are «built» one by one gradually from the center to the periphery.

- The only ones who can integrate into their complex any kind of active ingredient, regardless of their physicochemical nature (liquid, powder, solid, oils, essential oils ...).

- The only ones that create a new complex of multi-target actives ensuring a synergistic action.

- The only where the active ingredients are simultaneously content and container: no need of shell, excipient, capsule, gelatin, cellulose, conservatives.

- The only ones that allow orobioavailability (buccal direct assimilation) to ensure 100% of quality and quantity of natural actives "avoiding" the classic digestive track.

Each of the HAPPY.CO products consists of 3 programs to be taken during the day in order to meet the needs of the cells, specific needs at each stage of their daily cycle. Each complex will thus be supplied to the cells at the time, depending on their life cycle, they need it most and are most capable of profiting.

The product range consists of: 

- RENEW. Provides Update the body on a cellular level.

- FLEX. Has fortifying effect on the weakened bones and joints.

- RELAX. Helps restore a night's sleep, relieves stress.

- ENERGY. Improves physical and mental vitality.

- SLIM. Maintains the proper weight balance, removes cellulite and local fat deposits

Take nutrition every day and you will have salubrity, long and happy life!