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Consequences of the use of genetically modified foods to human health.

gmo harmGMO scientists invention was prompted by the need to feed people cheaper food, but in the process of GMO products popularization, independent research scientists have revealed the danger of their impact on the human body.

The harm of coffee to the human body.

coffee harmAround coffee occur discussions, some people claim that coffee is not only safe but also useful drink, while others argue that coffee is bad for health and especially dangerous is excessive consumption it. Since any food product must be at least safe for human health, in this article you will learn about harmful of coffee.

Correct nutrition for human cells provides salubrity.

A well known fact and not a secret that every living organism is composed of cells on 100%. Cells for full existence need of food, and it is extremely important to provide the cells necessary nutrition.

The illusion of good beer for the human body.

Let's start with the fact that beer, as well as whiskey, brandy, wine is an alcoholic beverage, because its structure is also included alcohol.

Now everyone knows that alcohol consumption leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, cirrhosis of the liver, disease of pancreas, severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But many people underestimate the most insidious feature of alcohol which is to form a pathological addiction, morbid attraction to alcohol, that is alcoholism. The transition from the habit of "drinking a little" to alcoholism is usually unnoticed.  


Care of health means take care of the cells!

Probably everyone knows that cell is a basic element from which created all living beings (except for viruses). Many sentient beings consist of only a single cell as are bacteria, microbes, protozoa and unicellular algae beings. Each cell is a small living organism that has its own metabolism, capable of independent living, self-reproduction and development. If all the cells in the human body lay in a row, it will stretch more than 10,000 miles. 

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