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The benefits of apples consumption are obvious.

appleApples are some of the most common, tasty, healthy and cheap at the price of fruit. They are good for teeth, skin, digestive system, disorders of the stomach, anemia, weakness, dysentery (established that the juice some sorts of apples destroys microbes that cause dysentery), heart disease, rheumatism, problems with vision, cancer and gout. Apples can be eaten both raw and preparing various dishes such as: fruit salads and custard. Apple juice is one of the most common and useful drinks in the world.

Soured milk may prevent many diseases

souredmilkSoured milk is a useful food product, produced from the acidification of milk. The fact, soured milk is considered useful product, is probably known to all. But not everyone knows that it's not just low-calorie drink and true remedy to solve many of the problems with the body!

Vegetables are very useful for human eyes

healthfoodCorrect, well-balanced nutrition is extremely important not only for the health of your body in General, but for the health of every organ in particular. Today let us dwell on one of the most important for understanding the world body before our eyes.

It is not a secret that recently more and more people suffer from various diseases of organs of vision. Myopia, hyperopia and even cataracts become extremely widespread diseases. Modern lifestyle, poor environmental conditions, the obsession with video equipment and computers, all this, of course, affects the health of our eyes.

Have salubrity becomes easy

healthSince ancient times people searched for «elixir of life», the mighty of the world paid huge money to the doctors, quacks and alchemists, that they will find the effective means to prevent old age and death. Like modern scientists found in human DNA «aging gene». But how to harness it, how to act in the opposite direction?

The reasons why people fall ill.

diseaseDiseases accompany a person throughout life, occasionally appearing in various forms. But why do people get sick? What factors influence a person starts to hurt? What's going wrong?

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