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Cherry plum makes a positive effect on our health

cherry plumCherry plum is a multi-stemmed green tree, fruiting in the summer. Sometimes cherry plum to name plum, but it is wrong. Cherry plum and plum are the same genus of plants, but differ in taste and nutritional value of the fruit.

Carrot may bring great use for health

Use of carrot for healthLet's pay attention to the beautiful vegetable called carrot. Regular consumption of carrot is extremely useful for human health and has virtually no contraindications. Although carrot is available throughout the year, locally grown carrot is in season in the summer and fall when vegetable is the freshest and most flavorful.

A healing properties of honey: tasty and healthy.

honeyEach of us knows that honey is one of the most popular means of prevention and treatment at the home. He is capable of many things: to relieve colds and preserve youth, to cure the stomach and relieve the person from wrinkles. Official medicine has never refused to honey as medicine. Consider useful properties of this product.

Useful properties and contraindications consumption of kiwifruit

Tasty and useful kiwifruitRipe kiwifruit have a delicate sweet-sour taste, something resembling a mixture of juice of strawberries, melon and pineapple. In our shops are usually sold kiwifruit solid, slightly unripe. Therefore, it is desirable to give after purchase fruit to ripen at room temperature or refrigerated. Ripe kiwifruits becomes a medium soft, but not wrinkled.

The benefits and harms of apricots for our health

Apricot are tasty and usefulApricots are delicious fruits that love to eat all people regardless of gender and age. Very often, apricots used as dessert on buffets and parties. These delicious fruits are very beneficial to the human body, and in this article you will learn more about the benefits of apricots and possible harm to humans health.

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