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Ten barberry benefits and contraindications for our health

barberryBarberry has healing powers and used it already in ancient Greece as a means of cleansing blood. An unique healing properties of barberry due to its composition, because it contains an unique alkaloid berberine.

Some hazelnut benefits for health

hazelnutHazelnut is a natural source of protein and an excellent source of energy. Hazelnuts are easily digested by the body and bring a lot of benefits. Hazelnut is rich in fats, proteins and carbohydrates, contains about 70% fat.

Grape benefits and contraindications of consumption

grapeBenefits of grape are composed mainly of presence in it a powerful antioxidant resveratrol, vitamins and active pigments. In addition to health benefits, grapes can bring harm to health.

Benefits and contraindications of rosehip use

rosehipRosehip is a wild shrub with useful berry. As an ornamental plant, it's grown very rare. A fact that there are benefits in rosehip, known to many: it strengthens an immune system, making a body resistant to various diseases, cures chronic and acute inflammation. For treatment to prepare infusions and decoctions, use root and rosehip berries.

True facts about pineapple benefits to our health

pineappleBenefits and harms of pineapple are well known to physicians. This beautiful piece of fruit has almost no contraindications for a healthy person and, therefore, due to its taste and useful qualities become very popular among people.

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