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Black elderberry benefits for human health

elderberryUseful properties of black elderberry known since ancient times. Today herbalists  appreciate elderberry for its powerful healing and a rich of vitamin and mineral composition. To get elderberry benefits for health it's necessary to use correctly.

Composition of elderberry.

One hundred grams of elderberry contain: proteins - 0.7 g, fat - 0.5 g, carbohydrates – 11.4 g, calorie - 73 kcal, as well as a rich set of macro- and microelements: potassium - 280.0 mg, calcium - 38.0 mg, magnesium - 5.0 mg, sodium - 6.0 mg, phosphorus - 39.0 mg, iron - 1.6 mg, zinc - 0.1 mg, copper – 61.0 mcg and selenium – 0.6 mcg.

The list of contained in elderberry vitamins: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, PP.

Black elderberry benefits for health.

Black elderberry benefits for health thanks to its composition. This berry contains significant amounts of vitamins A, B and C, as well as iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper and other substances necessary for our organism. Flowers elderberry have an effective diaphoretic action. Infusions of these colors is recommended for a variety of respiratory diseases such as influenza, sore throat. Elderberries facilitates cough, and promotes a speedy recovery.

Furthermore, elderberry extract has a mild laxative effect, therefore, it's prescribed in presence of problems with gastrointestinal tract. Black elderberry benefits for health proved in alleviating the symptoms of rheumatism, sciatica. It gets rid of many skin diseases, helps with gout and kidney disease. Elderberry is able to deal with deposits of toxins in body.

It's noteworthy that in treatment of many diseases use all parts of elderberry. Flowers, berries, bark and roots elderberry have curative effect. In cosmetology elderberry also found a use. Medicines, which include elderberry, give freshness and elasticity of skin, a beneficial effect on complexion and texture of the skin, eliminates acne and pigmentation.

Culinary use of elderberry no less diverse than its use for medicinal purposes. Elderberry is used for preparation jam, wine, juice, jelly, syrup. Of course, many are denied elderberry in exceptional taste qualities, but proven and widely known that elderberry is able to improve a taste of our usual dishes. Very often elderberry flowers and berries added to tea, which makes it not only an unusual taste and unique aroma, but also significantly increases beneficial properties of this drink.

Elderberry: harm and contraindications.

Elderberry harm is proven of specialists with colitis, diabetes. Besides elderberry in huge quantities is contraindicated in pregnant women. It's important to note that all above applies to black elderberry. Red elderberry is poisonous to humans.

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