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Blackberry provides benefits for all human organs

blackberryBlackberry benefits for health has exclusive apply for a long time and very successfully used for therapeutic purposes thanks to its rich composition. Blackberry is used for treatment various diseases, prevention and improvement of immunity.

Composition of blackberry.

One hundred grams of blackberry contain: proteins - 1.5 g, fat - 0.5 g, carbohydrates – 4.4 g, calorie - 34 kcal, as well as set of macro- and microelements: potassium - 208.0 mg, calcium - 30.0 mg, magnesium - 29.0 mg, sodium - 21.0 mg, phosphorus - 32.0 mg and iron - 1.1 mg.

The list of contained in blackberry vitamins: A, B1, B2, C, E, PP.

Blackberry benefits for health.

Blackberry is very useful for treatment of diseases of gastrointestinal tract. Unripe blackberries provide anchoring effect, and vice versa over-ripe - mild laxative. Fresh fruits and blackberry extracts of its leaves are useful in cystitis and kidney problems. Pectin, a part of blackberry is able to deduce off human body salts of heavy metals and radioactive strontium.

Tincture of blackberry has diaphoretic property is used in disorders of nervous system and heart diseases. Blackberry helps with insomnia, atherosclerosis, disorders of digestive system in menopausal women. Blackberry is useful for all organs of our  body.

Blackberry juice helps to quench your thirst with fever, and an infusion of blackberry leaves is useful in stomatitis and many diseases of gums (as a rinse). A decoction of blackberry roots is a great diuretic, used since ancient times.

A healing properties of blackberry are widely known: the leaves are used as a decoction, tincture prepared blackberry. These facilities treat gastritis, rheumatism, inflammation of kidneys and bladder. Also, infusion of blackberry helps with colds and inflammation of oral cavity. Eating blackberries is recommended for diabetes, as tea brewed of blackberry leaves improves metabolism. Blackberry is part of many anti-diabetic teas.

Blackberry is excellent blood-purifying and anthelminthic. The infusion of blackberry leaves is used as compresses, lotions. It helps to cleanse and rapid healing of wounds. A bactericidal properties of blackberry leaves associated with presence in their composition of specific substances - volatile production.

Fresh blackberry leaves applied to lichens and chronic leg ulcers. Useful infusion of blackberry leaves treats trophic ulcers and nonhealing wounds. Blackberry treatment can be performed in bowel disease, food poisoning, diseases of the stomach and lungs. Blackberry helps with sore throat and tonsillitis, at a stomatitis, pharyngitis, ascites, kidney stones and other diseases as remedy for treatment and prevention.

Blackberry: harm and contraindications.

Blackberries should not be abused in increased acidity of stomach. When overeating these berries may be problems with the intestines. However, moderate blackberry consumption gives only benefits for health and no harm.

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