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Dill benefits for health and contraindications of consumption

dillDill has many benefits for health and used in cooking and medicine. Besides astringency, aroma and delicious flavor dill has many therapeutic properties, which are mainly provided monoterpenes (compounds capable, inter alia, prevent the development of tumors), flavonoids, minerals and certain amino acids.

Composition of dill.

One hundred grams of dill contain: proteins - 2.5 g, fat - 0.5 g, carbohydrates – 6.3 g, calorie - 40 kcal, as well as a rich set of macro- and microelements: potassium - 335.0 mg, calcium - 223.0 mg, magnesium - 70.0 mg, sodium - 43.0 mg, phosphorus - 93.0 mg, iron - 1.6 mg, manganese – 1.3 mg, zinc - 0.9 mg and copper – 146.0 mcg.

The list of contained in dill vitamins: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, C, E, PP.

Dill benefits for health.

1. Dill is used in medicine for treatment of diseases such as gallstone disease, atherosclerosis, eye diseases, hypertension, as well as headaches and irregularities in a nervous system.

2. Doctors recommend to use dill with cold and hiccups. Depending on the disease make poultices, teas, decoctions, drops of dill and used as a mixture with carrot juice or a pine oil.

3. The next dill benefit for health is that it serves as an assistant from migraines and insomnia, is able to strengthen a heart muscle. It was also successfully used in order to enhance the secretion of milk in young mothers.

4. Also dill benefits in cooking. It's used in dishes because able to make a taste more vivid and give it a unique flavor. Therefore, this hostess is always a hand that green all year round in fresh or dried form.

5. Dill leaves and seeds help to freshen a mouth. Additionally contained in dill essential oils have anti-microbial, anti-oxidant and disinfectant properties. Thus, they prevent a microbial infection in mouth, and minimize damage caused to teeth and gums by free radicals.

6. Dill helps with violation of menstruation in girls. Flavonoids in essential oils stimulate the secretion of certain hormones, which in turn support a menstrual cycle.

7. There is also a broth of dill what has a rejuvenating effect on the body. For its preparation take: dill seeds, dried leaves of raspberry, currant, hops and dried apple peel. All this is well ground and pour 1 liter of water, then bring to a boil. A decoction is taken on empty stomach in morning and evening before bedtime.

Dill: harm and contraindications.

Dill harm and contraindications to its excessive consumption may be expressed in allergic reactions to this product. Dill is also contraindicated to people with low blood pressure, while it might cause weakness or even fainting.

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