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Nine reason why necessary to eat parsley

parsleyUsually parsley is used as a condiment to the main courses. Despite their small number in the diet, parsley brings enormous benefits to human body.

Composition of parsley.

One hundred grams of parsley contain: proteins - 3.7 g, fat - 0.4 g, carbohydrates – 7.6g, calorie - 49 kcal, as well as a rich set of macro- and microelements: potassium - 700.0 mg, calcium - 245.0 mg, magnesium - 85.0 mg, sodium - 34.0 mg, phosphorus - 95.0 mg, iron - 1.9 mg, manganese – 0.2 mg, zinc - 1.1 mg, copper – 149.0 mcg and selenium – 0.1 mcg.

The list of contained in parsley vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, K, PP.

Parsley benefits for health.

1. A parsley contains a lot of protein and essential amino acids. Few people know, but it's very important. If you do not eat meat and do not eat other animal products, the green anywhere except you do not get exactly an amino acid that is important for building protein in human body. Therefore, nutritionists around the world say about benefits of the green and leafy vegetables. Parsley is just a storehouse of such a protein.

2. Parsley is very useful for vision. It contains much of vitamin A.

3. Parsley helps to raise hemoglobin. A large amount of iron in parsley promote it.

4. Helps normalize blood pressure. Parsley contains large amounts of potassium which giving a diuretic effect and reduce a pressure to normal mark. Especially useful it for hypertensive patients.

5. Parsley makes teeth whiter. It contains a lot of organic acids, which bleach the tooth enamel. Thus a parsley contains fluorine, phosphorus and calcium, so these substances are able to strengthen the teeth and make and maintain their health.

6. It helps strengthen an immune system. Large amounts of vitamin C will help in strengthening immune system, protects cells from damage, strengthen blood vessels.

7. Parsley is an important role in prevention of aging. Antioxidant vitamins A, C and E protect cells from premature aging associated with penetration of free radicals. The presence of large amounts of folic acid helps maintain proper cell division and cell renewal. This is particularly important during pregnancy.

8. Parsley contains a lot of fiber. And no matter what we usually eat it in small quantities, it still exerts its effect on elimination of toxins, mild stimulating effect on intestinal wall, as well as metabolism.

9. If you losing weight. Parsley has a maximum of nutrients without the calories and speeds up the metabolism and gives protein to your body.

It is also important to know that parsley is one of the few leafy vegetables, even after long-term storage it does not lose its beneficial properties. This is due to the fact that all substances contained therein are contained in unique combination between them.

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