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Pear is delicious and healthy fruit

pear use for healthPear is sweet and delicious fruit. There are many varieties of pears in nature, but their usefulness for human body is almost the same and pear helps to treat many diseases.

Composition of pear.

One hundred grams of ripe pears contain: proteins - 0.4 g, fat - 0.3 g, carbohydrates - 10.3g., calorie - 47 cal, as well as a rich set of macro- and microelements: rubidium, nickel, cobalt, silicon, vanadium, boron, molybdenum, fluorine, selenium, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, iron, sulfur, chlorine, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium.

The list of contained in pear vitamins: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, C, E, H, K, PP.

Benefits of pear for health.

Pear has extremely useful properties for the body. Keep in mind that when we talk about the absolute benefits of this fruit, have in mind fully ripened fruit: sweet, juicy, with an unique flavor.

Pear helps in intestinal disorders, restores the microflora of stomach, helps to get rid of worms.

Pear has a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system (by the way, if the smell of pear is better and stronger, than more benefits for health, especially for heart), a huge role assigned to it in the recipes of traditional medicine: it's easy to cure coughing, remove the temperature and used as a diuretic.

Pear is one of those rare fruits that doesn't contain allergens in their composition, and therefore useful even for small children! Pear fights with disorders of pancreas, helps get rid of diabetes and obesity. Recent research of scientists in the field of mineral properties pears lead to conclusion that it is not less effective confronts major diseases of mankind in the 21st century - stress and depression!

Pear contains substances that soothe coughs, reduces temperature, disinfect and have diuretic properties. Pears, what were subjected to heat treatment, retain many of the beneficial properties, so they can be cooked, dried and used in variety of blanks. Still, you get the maximum benefit by eating fresh untreated pears.

Useful properties of the broth, what cooked of pears, help with inflammation of urinary tract, as due to essential oils contained in pears they have a diuretic effect. People suffered of urolithiasis is recommended to drink juice, which consists of two pears and absolutely no sugar.

Useful properties of pear apply not only to her flesh. Pear tree's leaves also contribute to human health. With dry leaves is cooked powder, which helps to people with sweating and young leaves can reduce inflammation, fight fungi, they actively treat dermatitis.

If you dry the pears and then turn them into compote or broth, then you get benefits, greatly helps in intestinal disorders, due to their content of tannin. Pear seeds are also useful as they help fight worms.

Pear is recommended to use for men, because it helps to treat prostatitis.

Harm of pear for health.

Together all fantastical beneficial effects of pears to human's health, shouldn't lose sight of fact that there are some safety precautions, which should be followed to this gift of nature is not caused you a harm. Don't eat a pear on empty stomach, do not combine the pear with fresh milk, raw water and heavy food to avoid stomach problems. All these should be considered only as a warning of correct way to eat pears, because fruit is useful and tasty.


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