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Cherry plum makes a positive effect on our health

cherry plumCherry plum is a multi-stemmed green tree, fruiting in the summer. Sometimes cherry plum to name plum, but it is wrong. Cherry plum and plum are the same genus of plants, but differ in taste and nutritional value of the fruit.

Ingredients of cherry plum: vitamins and calories.

Nutritional value for 100 gram: fat - 0.1g,  protein - 0.2g, fiber - 1.8 g, carbohydrates - 7.9g, calorie - 34 cal. Cherry-plum, unlike other fruit contains little sugar, but at the same time this fruit has organic acids (citric and malic), provitamin A, vitamins B, vitamin PP, E, a large amount of ascorbic acid, pectin, minerals calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium and iron.

Benefits of cherry plum for health.

Cherry plum is useful in fresh and processed form. It is recommended for children to improve growth, pregnant women, nursing mothers, the elderly, as well as in chronic inflammatory lesions of the liver and biliary tract. Due to its low sugar content, fruit is used in metabolic disorders: obesity, as well as in people with diabetes.

The fresh cherry plum is used to treat and prevent vitamins deficiency (night blindness, scurvy, and others.), constipation, stimulate the activity of the intestine. In medicine cherry plum is used not only fruits, but also flowers. Water infusion of flowers is useful in diseases of the liver and kidneys, as well as disorders of the reproductive system in men.

Cherry plum's juice perfectly helps with colds, as a sweatshop and antitussive, due to the high content of fiber and pectin contributes to the conclusion of radionuclides from the body. Juice perfectly refreshes and tones, perfectly quenches thirst, cure hypovitaminosis and stomach ailments. The high potassium content makes it useful in heart problems - this mineral prevents arrhythmia, strengthens the heart muscle. Cherry plum beneficial effects on the nervous system, has a calming and relaxing effect. If you have a headache because of the high pressure, you need to eat about 200g of fruits and after 40-50 minutes the state is stabilized.

Vitamins A and C are powerful antioxidants, they slow down the aging process, protect the body of the negative effects external factors and improve the state of skin.

The fat oil of cherry-plum seeds is similar in its characteristics and composition to the almond oil. It contains glycoside amygdalin, in the presence of an enzyme capable of the emulsion and water, decompose into benzoic aldehyde, hydrocyanic acid and glucose. Cherry-plum's kernel oil is widely used in cosmetics and perfumery, also it is used in the manufacture of medical soap.

Even herbal teas and fruit drinks from the cherry plum is very helpful, because they increase appetite, improve digestion, especially in gastritis with low acidity. Very often cook of cherry plum a delicious jam, sauces, jams.

Contraindications to the use of cherry plum.

Cherry plum fresh is contraindicated if you are hypersensitive, as well as diseases of the stomach associated with increased secretion of gastric juice. It is also not recommended to use cherry-plums to those who suffering of ulcerative lesions of gastroduodenal area.

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