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Useful properties and contraindications consumption of kiwifruit

Tasty and useful kiwifruitRipe kiwifruit have a delicate sweet-sour taste, something resembling a mixture of juice of strawberries, melon and pineapple. In our shops are usually sold kiwifruit solid, slightly unripe. Therefore, it is desirable to give after purchase fruit to ripen at room temperature or refrigerated. Ripe kiwifruits becomes a medium soft, but not wrinkled.

The composition of the kiwifruit, calorie and energy value.

The average weight of kiwifruit is 100 grams. Most of the fruit is water - 84%. Also it has a protein (about 1%), fat (less than 1%), carbohydrates (about 10%). Kiwifruit is low-calorie fruit. Energy value of the average kiwifruit is 48 calories. It's a good source of dietary fiber. In addition, it includes a nicotinic acid and various saccharides.

Surely everyone who ever ate kiwifruit taste guessed that this fruit has vitamin C. But it is unlikely you will know that it more than in citrus fruits - 92 mg. The Kiwifruit has a little vitamin E. Typically deficiency of this vitamin is observed in the people sitting on a diet.

Also kiwifruit contains folic acid (B9) and pyridoxine (B6). A pair of kiwifruit provides a quarter of our body's needs for folic acid. Pyridoxine in the fruit less than 4% of the daily norm. This vitamin is needed for pregnant women, breast-feeding, as well as children and the elderly.

Iron, iodine, zinc, manganese, potassium, calcium, phosphorous - all these minerals are part of kiwifruit. One fruit has strikingly high amount of potassium (about 1/6 of the daily requirement), calcium (1/20 of the daily requirement). Phosphorus is also a great amount (1/3 of the daily requirement).

The kiwifruit contains an enzyme, what helps break down proteins, normalization of blood clotting, a positive effect on the digestive system.

Use of Kiwifruit.

After reading about the composition of the kiwifruit, you are aware that kiwifruit can be used for the treatment and recovery of the body after illness. Let us examine the points, what is the use of the kiwifruit?

- Kiwifruit is useful in diseases of the blood vessels and is indispensable for the cores of the good vitamin content. This hairy fruit can help lower blood pressure. Kiwifruit struggling with excessive cholesterol. According to research by Norwegian scientists, the consumption of kiwifruit will help reduce by 15% the level of fatty acids.

- It is believed that the use of the kiwifruit can be the prevention of worms. However, this scientific fact is not proved.

- Kiwifruit is recommended to use when the kidney stone formation.

- For people with diabetes, the kiwifruit is one of the fruits that can be eaten. Sugar in fruit is almost there, so the Kiwifruits dominated in many diabetic diet.

- Kiwifruit helps the treatment of diseases of the respiratory tract. According to research by Italian scientists, this fruit reduces hoarseness, cough and shortness of breath in the evening. The secret is on the regular consumption of kiwifruit (2-3 fruits a day, no less).

- Doctors recommend eating a kiwifruit at the time of gynecological diseases and menopause.

- One glass of kiwifruit juice helps to keep the body in good health during the flu epidemic and SARS, boosting the body's defense.

- Kiwifruit also helps to improve look at the face and neck. Necessary to prepare the mask with cottage cheese and fruit, where the main ingredient is kiwi, put it on the face skin.

All of this relates to the pulp of the fruit, sweet and sour taste. Usually, people who eat a kiwifruit, take them peeled. However, most experts in nutrition believe that to peel the kiwifrui is not necessary.

Use of kiwifruits peel.

The peel of kiwifruit has a lot of antioxidants. Therefore kiwifruit have anticancer, anti-inflammatory and anti-allergic properties. The peel has three times more antioxidants than pulp. Therefore is recommended to eat kiwifruit directly with the peel. Of course, before that should shave hairs device for cleaning a carrot or a dull knife.

The peel of kiwifruit, according to European scientists, has antiseptic properties, can help with dysbiosis. It is believed that due to peel kiwifruit destroyed germs such as staphylococcus and E. coli.

Benefits of kiwifruit slimming.

Partly this fruit calorie content of fat splitting enzymes and enzymes great help for weight loss. Nutritionists have long noticed that the kiwifruit is a good source of fiber. The small black seeds have a lot of insoluble fiber. It helps to normalize digestion in the diet and reduce the time passing stool through the digestive tract. Kiwifruit has a slight laxative effect.

Soluble dietary fibers which have in the fruit also readily absorb water, creating the necessary amount to suppress appetite in the stomach.
Due to the fact that the Kiwifruit helps to normalize digestion, nutritionists advise eating it after the meal. Kiwifruit prevent heaviness in the stomach and helps the kidneys. It is believed that the fruit helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body.

There is even a diet based on the kiwifruit. The basic idea of the diet is the consumption of low-calorie foods and mandatory standards - five kiwifruits a day. Some experts recommend doing regular fasting day by a kiwifruit. To do this, you need to eat about a kilogram of kiwifruit during the day. You can drink only non-carbonated water.

Harm of kiwifruit.

Of course, you can not go to far with kiwifruit and kiwifruit on the fasting day you can hold only if there are no contraindications and allergies. This fruit can be harmful to the body for three reasons:

- You are allergic to citrus. Due to the large amounts of vitamin C Kiwifruit is considered to be allergenic.

- You suffer of gastritis, stomach ulcers or you are experiencing problems with the acidity of gastric juice. Perhaps you can eat small amounts of yellow kiwifruit, which is sweet and low in acid.

- The laxative effect of kiwifruit does not allow to use the fruit in large quantities to people who are prone to diarrhea.

Kiwifruit is on our table.

As you can see, the kiwifruit is very useful and has relatively few contraindications. On the table kiwifruit it can be represented very diverse. It can be cut into cubes, file with the skin in canned form or mixed with salad. You can take the juice of kiwifruit and drink it in the morning in the winter to enhance immunity. You can try to make a meat dish with kiwifruit, it will be very tender, as the sour juice is able to cleave the protein. For this reason, it is not necessary to marinate the meat in pieces of kiwifruit longer than an hour.

Eat kiwifruit every and you will be healthy!

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