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The benefits and harms of apricots for our health

Apricot are tasty and usefulApricots are delicious fruits that love to eat all people regardless of gender and age. Very often, apricots used as dessert on buffets and parties. These delicious fruits are very beneficial to the human body, and in this article you will learn more about the benefits of apricots and possible harm to humans health.

Let's parse useful and harmful properties of apricot more.

Use of apricot for human health.

The vitamins in apricot. An interesting fact is that among the other fruit crops grown in central of Europe, none can match the chemical composition of apricot on the content of beta-carotene, a known antioxidant and substances needed to support the organs of vision. Beta-carotene is the chemical composition of apricot contains about 16 mg per 100 grams, and from it the body produces a more active form of vitamin A. This vitamin also required for treatment many different diseases - from the "night blindness" to the lowering of the thyroid cancer and liver diseases.

However, the A vitamin deficiency is rarely treated foods that contain large amounts of beta-carotene. This is not due to lack one or the other in the diet, and that beta-carotene, for whatever reason is not absorbed in the body. There would be more efficient to use pure vitamin A.
But itself beta carotene performs many useful functions in the body. For example, has the properties to protect him from germs, viruses, radiation, prevent the development of cancer. These useful properties of apricot is enhanced content of vitamin C.

And another chemical composition comprises apricot much potassium, iron and magnesium. Thanks to the first of these fruits help maintain tone of blood vessels, iron and magnesium increase the amount of hemoglobin in the blood and help to improve the condition of the body in severe anemia.

Useful properties of apricot in the fact that their composition is contained in a large amount of fiber. Thanks to it, most of the cholesterol into the intestine with food, do not absorbed, and the amount of this enemy of the arteries in the blood decreases. Therefore, intensive use Apricot medicinal properties which appear with regular use reduces the risk of atherosclerosis.

Incidentally, the same potassium very positive effect on the kidneys and bladder, having useful properties in urolithiasis, and nephritis. And the benefit of fiber is that it is very much activates the processes of digestion and absorption of food in the intestines.

Another feature of the composition of the apricot is a high content of iodine salts in it. It is this element of the apricot has healing properties for the thyroid gland: prevents goiter development and stimulates the production of many essential hormones in the body.

Very popular are also ossicles of apricots. They are devoid of solid containment, slightly reminiscent of almonds and apparently some varieties Apricot completely devoid of bitterness.

Use apricot that it contains apricot oil - a substance widely used in medicine and cosmetics. For example, in Chinese medicine apricot kernel, the beneficial properties of which are actively used, treats diseases of the respiratory tract and kidney disease. In cosmetics as self apricot oil used in many creams and shampoos.

Harm of apricot for human health.

Apricot - a very sweet fruit. Its juice contains huge amounts of sugar and glucose. Even for humans illness with diabetes apricots composition of which is replete with sweetness, it is advisable not to drink at all.

Not less sweet composition of dried apricots. And because of that surplus sugar, it's contraindicated in metabolic disorders. But in the absence of contraindications apricots - a real source of energy and good mood, especially large juicy varieties, fruit is also very juicy and nutritious.

Hazardous properties apricots associated just with his ossicles. The composition of apricot's ossicle contains some hazardous substances. Hydrocyanic acid and amygdalin are extremely dangerous for human health. But the number of these substances in ossicles is very little, and when using them with the pulp of the fruits of apricot pectin actively promotes the conclusion of these substances from the body.

Even such a cursory look at the harmful and the beneficial properties of apricot is enough to understand why it is so popular. Even despite the fact that it blooms very early and, for this reason, not every year can produce a crop. Such sweet and juicy fruit is very little, and those delicacies that they are in a dried form, are not inferior to taste confections. Therefore, if there are no contraindications, orange safely enjoy these gifts of nature and their use, and thus recovering their health.

Add to your diet the cellular nutrition and you will have good health!

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