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Тут є привітання з днем народження в прозі українською мовою для старшого друга

The benefits of apples consumption are obvious.

appleApples are some of the most common, tasty, healthy and cheap at the price of fruit. They are good for teeth, skin, digestive system, disorders of the stomach, anemia, weakness, dysentery (established that the juice some sorts of apples destroys microbes that cause dysentery), heart disease, rheumatism, problems with vision, cancer and gout. Apples can be eaten both raw and preparing various dishes such as: fruit salads and custard. Apple juice is one of the most common and useful drinks in the world.

Healing properties of apples.

Apples contain a lot of vitamin C and the pectin substances that neutralize toxins. It is believed that apples are rich with iron, which is in these fruits. However, this iron is found in such form that the body practically it is not absorbed. To replenish the body's iron is better to eat animal products, liver, eggs and red meat.

Useful properties of apples are also in the next.

Digestion. Because apples are rich in fiber, they help the digestion. Regular consumption of apples provides smooth hair, prevents constipation and stomach disorders.

Anemia. Apples are struggling with anemia because they are rich in iron. Anemia is a disease in which in blood is developing a lack of hemoglobin, the level of which can increase in the consumption of iron-rich foods, particularly apples.

The weakness. You know that apples add vitality weak people. So they are often recommended for those recovering to help them recover more quickly from illness. If you want to gain weight, apples should be part of your daily diet. They also contribute to body detoxification and improving General health.

Help for teeth. When you eat apples, cellulose contained in them, cleans the teeth, while antiviral properties of apples contribute to getting rid of bacteria and viruses, prevent occurrence of caries.

Cardiovascular diseases. Apples to reduce cholesterol and, therefore, they are beneficial for the heart and blood vessels.

Rheumatism. Apples are good for those suffering from rheumatism, as it helps with the healing process.

Assistance for eyes. Apples heals eye and improve eyesight. They also help in the treatment of night blindness.

Help for skin. Masks of apples with honey and apples with sour cream for a healthier skin.

Gout. Apples also help in the treatment of gout and dysentery.

The cancer. Studies have shown that apples contain flavonoids and polyphenols that resist cancer. Therefore rightly say, «an Apple for dinner - and the doctor is not needed».

The consumption of apples has its contra-indications.

You should eat apples with caution when you have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Crude fiber, which contains abundant in apples, may exacerbate the disease colitis, gastritis or ulcers. Also be wary eat apple's seeds. A few seeds will benefit due to iodine content. Many apple's seeds is harm, because there is such a poison, as hydrocyanic acid.

How to buy and store apples.

When you buy apples, make sure they are solid, with no dents. Don't buy wrinkled apples, as they lost most of its medicinal and nutritional properties. Keep the apples in a cool dark place, separately from other products, because of such neighbourhood spoil and other products and apples.

Apples are the part of the correct nutrition and consumption it may bring much use for our health. It's better to replenish our daily diet with cellular nutrition of company, what will full up our cells with all necessary nutrients.

Get only useful food and have salubrity!