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Have salubrity becomes easy

healthSince ancient times people searched for «elixir of life», the mighty of the world paid huge money to the doctors, quacks and alchemists, that they will find the effective means to prevent old age and death. Like modern scientists found in human DNA «aging gene». But how to harness it, how to act in the opposite direction?

But until the funds for eternal youth is found to be healthy, you may do the following things:

To breathe correctly. Deep breathing is extremely important for our health, that is why, if we are committed to health, we must learn to breathe correctly. Breathing is essential for life. You can live for weeks without food for several days without water, but if you are deprived of oxygen, you will not be able to survive for even a few minutes. The process of breathing is so simple that only a few people are paying attention to him, but this process is very important for health and healing. You see, when you breathe, you are helping to feed your body, as oxygen helps to transport nutrients to your body.

Drink enough fluids. Drink every day, about two and a half litres of pure water. Only in this case, the body is detoxifying and cells will properly function. Avoid carbonated beverages, coffee.

Eat properly. Poor nutrition is the cause of approximately thirty percent of deaths. Smaller fill up stomach in the evening. Between meals enough to eat an apple, carrot, stale bread, less hungry during your lunch or dinner. Eat a varied, mainly fresh products as vegetables and fruits.

Properly relax. For our time is typical stress and they cause us a lot of diseases. To neutralize the effect of stress, you should be able to «discharge»: have a full rest not only on vacation, but every day, think up something else interesting to do, go to dances, sauna. Try not to take sleeping pills, because many of them are fourteen hours, and after this long, there is a feeling of weakness, fatigue. Unacceptable to combat stress, caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, various tranquilizers.

Often to move. In conditions of modern civilization many people suffer from lack of exercise - physical inactivity. For such people the sport is simply necessary. The trainings will help to rejuvenate the heart, have more energy, strengthen the body's defenses, find the joy of life. Enjoy of morning run, especially is very useful 15-20 minutes jog.

The rejection of negative habits. For anybody not a secret that smoking reduces a person's life by an average of 15 years, alcohol and drugs can take several decades of life. While this is a huge absurd, when You spend amounts of money to their own destruction. Get rid of bad habits once and for all.

To think correctly. Mood, thoughts affect health. Thinking about the misfortunes often and becomes miserable, thinking about disease and often sick. To think correctly is to be able to put my thoughts in order, send them confidently and consciously in a positive direction. Who shall possess, could put your health on a firm footing. Body, mind, psychic and mental state are linked, as the failure of one of them, entails a rift in the other.

To engage in prevention. Qualitative and timely prevention of health systems in filling cell with nutrition can strengthen the immunity. When the cells of Your organism will receive all necessary materials for their full operation, the disease will not be able to strike them.

Even following the recommendations You unfortunately can't live forever, but to extend its presence at the celebration of the life up to 30-40 years is quite real.

Be always healthy and live happily!

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