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The reasons why people fall ill.

diseaseDiseases accompany a person throughout life, occasionally appearing in various forms. But why do people get sick? What factors influence a person starts to hurt? What's going wrong?

Causes of human disease are the following:

1. Bad habits.

Enormous damage to the health of the person causing harmful habits, presence of which depends on the will of man. Bad habits are a certain kind of absurd, when a person gradually kills himself for his own money. The bad habits include: smoking, alcohol consumption, drug addiction.

2. Frequent stress, lack of love.

Modern man is in constant motion. He tries to have time for everything, do a huge amount of work. In such a frenetic rhythm a person often becomes angry, nervous, unstable. Stress waiting for the modern man literally everywhere: at work quarrels with colleagues, in the street, at home: children shouting and quarrelling. And if man has no love in the life, the problems are perceived more acute.

The most important thing to understand: it is not life, not circumstances, not colleagues or snapper in the street. We are rational beings. Therefore in our power to respond intelligently to the reality. After all you can to any problem to approach philosophically.

3. Sedentary lifestyle.

The cells of our body need nutrition and oxygen. For normal blood circulation it's necessary to move. Sluggishness can also lead to physical inactivity of muscles and joints. The stagnation of blood and lymph, intoxication leads to dysfunctions in the systems of our body and its organs.

4. Poor diet.

A very important factor for the prevention of diseases, improve the health, need is necessary to eat food that grows on the earth. Chips, soda, fast food are not products of nature. The more processing food passes that gets to our table, the more harm it causes the body. First suffer organs of gastrointestinal tract, connect to the frequent headaches and depression, reduced potency and etc.

To this group of reasons can be attributed also to the wrong meal. Overeating, eating at night - all this significantly undermines theĀ» our health, appears overweight. Obesity renders unnecessary strain on the heart, joints, and bones. It crashes and rapid wear of the systems of the body.

5. Drinking regime.

People drink tea, coffee, soft drinks, milk, but forgets about clean water, because our body needs it. Only water quenches thirst, only provides normal water metabolism in the body.

6. Parasites.

Get into our body from the environment. They may live in any organ eat due to any system. For example, the child may often ill colds precisely because of parasitic poisoning of the body.

The next two causes of diseases, which are difficult to affect:

7. The ecological crisis.

These are industrial and household poisons: paints, household chemistry, varnish, solvents, etc. are contaminated water and polluted air. This is electromagnetic radiation. All this poison us every day, slowly but systematically killing the cells of the body and disrupting the work of its bodies.

8. Age.

Operation of an organism during all life, often incorrect, leads to aging organs and systems, decrease of level of health.

Nevertheless, the biological age of the person often differs from the calendar year. And on the biological age we are able to influence. I should start on time. To human disease is not assailed, must also help your body nutrients and then you will always be healthy!

Let Orochonodietology enter into your life and you will forget the disease forever!