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Pumpkin is cheap, but very useful vegetable for health.

pumpkinWe all know pumpkin on Halloween, which is a symbol of the event, but few people know about the health benefits of its consumption. Pumpkin can fill our bodies with vitamins, minerals and microelements.

Aromatic pumpkin pulp is full of vitamins. There is askorbinka that will save you from autumn colds and B vitamins, which not only cope with fatigue, irritability and insomnia and get rid of the acne, but will make your hair thicker, nails strong and vitamins A and E are the main fighters with wrinkles and premature aging, and vitamin K, affects blood clotting, which is practically absent in other vegetables.

Due to the high content of rare vitamin T pumpkin can be rightfully called the best garnish to dishes of beef, pork and other fat dishes, because vitamin T, promotes absorption of heavy food and prevents obesity. Perhaps it is for this property pumpkin so fond of nutritionists who recommend to lean on healthy vegetable anyone who for a long time dreams to part with the extra kilos. Besides, pumpkin is a champion among the vegetables content of iron, so, fans of the pumpkins are doomed to have fine complexion and good mood.

It is believed that pumpkin juice helps men to maintain a sexy tone. With the same aim is useful to use and pumpkin seeds. It is no accident that in the old days of peeled and crushed into flour, pumpkin seeds, prepared a love potion.

However, experts claim that by using the pumpkin can not only solve the problems on the personal front, but also to cope with the many serious diseases. Perhaps there is no more useful food for people suffering from cardiovascular diseases. Due to the high content of potassium pumpkin improves the heart, strengthens blood vessels and reduces swelling.

At diseases of a liver is recommended to eat as many pulp of raw pumpkin and if crude pumpkin seem tasteless for you, you can fill it with pumpkin cereals, rice, millet or semolina.

At illnesses of kidneys and a bladder of pumpkin seeds and hemp seed is prepared «milk»: a glass of each seed pound, slowly pouring boiling water (3 glasses), filter and wring out. Drink cooked «milk» during the day, sweetened with honey or sugar.

Insomnia has long been recommended to drink at night pumpkin juice or broth pumpkin with honey. Fresh slurry of pulp, is applied to the affected area with eczema, burns, rashes, spots and other inflammation on the skin. People, who have to stand a lot during the day, a paste of fresh pumpkin will help relieve the pain in my feet.

The pumpkin is recognized tool for expelling worms, known to almost everyone. Therefore dried pumpkin seeds are often given to children to prevent such trouble.

Before directly use a pumpkin, it must be obtained. Better is to buy a small vegetable of 3-5 kg, in such pumpkin the pulp is soft and the skin is thin. Before cooking pumpkin, you must remove the bones and clean up the hard rind.

Pumpkin is a very valuable and useful product. Those who care about their health, it is necessary to pay attention to this vegetable. Pumpkin is a fount of useful substances necessary for the human body!

Pumpkin is rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and microelements - calcium, potassium, iron, copper, and others vitamins В, the pumpkin contains cellulose and glucose.

The pumpkin contains a large number of many vitamins C, A, E, B vitamins Century had pumpkin contains rare vitamins T and K. Vitamin T, can prevent anemia. This valuable vitamin promotes the formation of platelets and blood clotting, and it is better absorbed heavy meal. Vitamin K is also very valuable and necessary for the organism to synthesize proteins of the blood and bone.

Pumpkin can help in treating many diseases. Pumpkin is useful in diseases of the cardiovascular system. Pumpkin will have a beneficial effect from chronic constipation and hemorrhoids, inflammation of the urinary system and kidney failure. The juice and pulp of pumpkin contribute to the removal of salts from the body.

Also due to the high content of carotene, pumpkin is very useful for vision.

Get only useful nutrition for health!