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Carbonated drinks threaten your health

sweet sodaCulture of food consumption is growing up in the world, more people prefer healthy food, but all the same doctors say that growing number of people suffering of obesity. It is known that the problem of obesity - it is a family problem, it means that the whole family of the man initially led an unhealthy lifestyle. The main cause of obesity - increasing calorie in daily diet at the expense of food and soft drinks.

Analysis of popular carbonated beverages, conducted last year by scientists showed high benzene content (one of the most dangerous preservatives) in a number of products, which were subsequently withdrawn from sale.

As for sweet drinks, it is best to exclude them from your diet at all, especially carbonated beverages. Their harmful effects are as follows.

Very hazardous substance, often contained in sweet drinks is caffeine, it belongs to the mild central nervous system stimulants. People who get a lot of caffeine, more restless, bad sleep, often suffer from headaches. They may lose ability to concentrate. Additionally, caffeine increases calcium loss from body.

There are harmful dyes contained in drinks. They can cause a variety of allergic reactions - from asthma to urticaria and rhinitis.

Finally, carbon dioxide, whose presence in the water turned on gastric secretion, increases gastric acidity and may provoke flatulence - copious gasses liberation.

Carbonated drinks have a number of contraindications! In any case it is impossible to give sodas people with chronic conditions, such as allergies, obesity, stomach diseases, diabetes. Substances are contained in carbonated beverages may lead to worsen health in chronic patients or even trigger another attack. When doctors, assigning diet for patients with kidney disease, must notice that the sodas are strictly contraindicated. Doctors suggest that the formation of kidney stones blame of phosphoric acid, used as an acidulant. Fat people or those who want to lose weight, carbonated drinks are not recommended for them. There are studies of USA specialists, thanks to which it was proved that sodas increase the likelihood of obesity almost doubled. Of course, noone can not assume sure that completeness depends only on the consumption of soda, but it is one of the important factors.

Besides above, sodas can cause disease and otherwise healthy people. The first is caries. Refined sugar in soda promotes tooth decay. The second, such drinks can exacerbate osteoporosis. Urinary excretion of calcium contributes to caffeine, which we mentioned earlier.

Attention is drawn to the fact that sodas in the diet, both adults and children, can be replaced by milk, tea (herbal or green), kvass, fresh juices without added sugar and clean water. Water in this series apart from the competition. First, because it is an ideal solvent for food. Second, the human body needs for normal functioning in water and food, according to experts, our body perceives all drinks as food, except water. And finally, the main advantage of the water - is the lack of calories in it.

Replace sweet sodas for noncarbonated is pointless. Drinking juice in too large quantities, according to scientists, can also cause obesity, growth retardation, digestive problems and tooth decay. Even if the juice is rich in minerals and vitamins, it also contains a lot of sugar.

Drink only useful drinks for health and you will have salubrity!