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Consequences of the use of genetically modified foods to human health.

gmo harmGMO scientists invention was prompted by the need to feed people cheaper food, but in the process of GMO products popularization, independent research scientists have revealed the danger of their impact on the human body.

Around foods containing GMO, an ongoing discussion about the safety or danger of their consumption. Scholars have identified the following key risks human consumption of genetically modified foods:

1. Immunosuppression, allergic reactions and metabolic disorders, as a result of the direct action of transgenic proteins.

Effect of novel proteins which produce integrated genes in GMO is unknown. Human never tried them and is therefore not clear whether they are allergens.

An illustrative example is the attempt of crossing the brazils nut genes with the genes of soybeans, scholars having aimed to improve the nutritional value of the latter was increased protein content in them. However, as it turned out, was a combination of a strong allergen and had to withdraw from further production.

In Sweden, where transgenes prohibited, suffer allergies 7% of the population, while in the U.S., where they are sold even without markings approximately 70% .

Also, according to one version, meningitis epidemic among British children was caused by weakening of immunity as a result of the use of GMO-containing milk, chocolate and wafer biscuits.

2. Various health problems as a result of GMO in new and unforeseen proteins or toxic for human metabolic products.

There is already strong evidence of a breach of genome stability in plants by inserting a foreign gene. All this can cause changes in the chemical composition of GMO and it unexpected, including toxic properties.

Independent experts argue that genetically modified crop plants emit 1020 times more toxins than conventional organisms.

3. Emergence of resistance of human pathogenic microorganisms to antibiotics.

Upon receipt of GMO still used marker genes are antibiotic resistance, which can move in the intestinal microflora, what has been shown in the respective experiments and this in turn can lead to medical problems, as the inability to cure many diseases.

In the EU in December 2004 banned the sale of GMO using antibiotic resistance genes. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends that manufacturers refrain from using these genes, however, the corporation abandoned them completely.

4. Impairments associated with the accumulation herbicides in the human body.

Most famous of transgenic plants do not die when the mass use of agricultural chemicals and are able to accumulate it. There is evidence that sugar beet resistant to the herbicide glyphosate, it accumulates toxic metabolites.

5. Reducing intake of essential nutrients to the body.

According to independent experts still impossible to say, whether the composition is conventional and GMO soybeans analog equivalent or not. When comparing various published scientific data it appears, that some of the indicators, such as the content of phytoestrogens, are largely different.

6. Long-term carcinogenic and mutagenic effects.

Each foreign gene inserted into the body - is a mutation, it may cause unwanted effects in the genome and where it leads no one knows and know today can not.

One of the most pressing problems of today is the problem of the introduction and spread of new biotechnology - related genetic changes in living organisms. Genetically modified organisms comprise in their genetic formula of the DNA fragments of any other living organisms, for example, a plant can be inserted genes insect, animal or human. Genetic engineering has produced hybrids of potato with tomato, soybean bluish tobacco, sunflower and beans. There are also more discouraging data: cold-resistant varieties of tomatoes with integrated gene flounder, drought-resistant maize gene scorpion, toad tomato gene.

Consume or do not consume foods containing GMO is individual case. By my mind, it is better to refuse to consume foods containing GMO, as harmless GMO products are not officially proved, and consuming foods always primarily important not hurt.

Eat healthy foods and proven by many years history of clinical research and you will always have salubrity!

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