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The harm of coffee to the human body.

coffee harmAround coffee occur discussions, some people claim that coffee is not only safe but also useful drink, while others argue that coffee is bad for health and especially dangerous is excessive consumption it. Since any food product must be at least safe for human health, in this article you will learn about harmful of coffee.

The harm of coffee to the nervous system.

Coffee, thanks to caffeine, has a high impact on the central nervous system: a person feels after taking coffee a more active, vigorous. However, many coffee consumers forget that everything should have its own measure. Scientists do not recommend drinking more than one cup of coffee a day. People who drink coffee more of the recommended norms in the day and for many years, as a consequence of this they suffer of behavioral problems such as neurosis, depression, irritability, anxiety, lethargy and other symptoms of nervous disorders. Do not forget that coffee - a kind of drug that lead to dependence and habit forming. Comes to the fact that people had not drunk a coffee, are not able to start or run at all awaken your body and the whole day without drinking coffee, feel sleepy.

The harm of coffee to the stomach.

Damage of coffee is determined not only by caffeine content. Chlorogenic acid in coffee that contain an acidic environment and provide drink to lead to irritation of the gastric mucosa. Suffer of these acids are liver and pancreas. This is a reason why do not recommended to drink coffee on an empty stomach. The optimal time of taking coffee in an hour after a meal. Excessive production of hydrochloric acid is included in the digestive process and does not harm the body.

The harm of coffee to the genitourinary system.

There is in the East a tradition when give a glass of coffee giving a glass of plain water in addition. How much coffee is drunk - so much water added. When a person drinks coffee, he does not feel the need for water, but the body is dehydrated, because in addition to all the coffee has a diuretic effect. In addition to the kidneys suffer other organs of diuretic system. Lack of water has a negative impact on all human cells, as for healthy living cells need water, which eventually leads to various diseases. Consuming coffee always drink water.

The damage of coffee for the heart.

Coffee is bad for those people who have a heart condition. Coffee raises blood pressure slightly and briefly, because due to the diuretic effect of beverage, body is dehydrated and blood pressure falls. This shake-up for the body is not the most safe and useful.

For people with healthy cardiovascular regular coffee consumption contributes to heart disease.

The coffees harm to metabolic processes.

The coffee does not bring any minerals or vitamins in the human body, but categorically prevents the absorption of some useful macronutrients such as calcium. Due to a lack of calcium in the human body is reduced bone strength, particularly dangerous for the elderly people, because they have a problem of lack of calcium in the body. In adolescence, the lack of calcium in the body leads to the development of osteoporosis.

In addition to the above, the consumption of coffee is bad at diets, because it increases appetite. Harmful consumption of coffee during pregnancy as increases the likelihood of miscarriage. Consume or not to consume coffee is everyone's individual matter, but is it worth knowingly poison themselves? I have not seen a man who likes to get sick, and applying the harm to own body, albeit slightly, always brings us to the disease.

It's better to develop the habit of taking care of own health and give all useful to body for improving the health.

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