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Correct nutrition for human cells provides salubrity.

A well known fact and not a secret that every living organism is composed of cells on 100%. Cells for full existence need of food, and it is extremely important to provide the cells necessary nutrition.

humanbodycellHow can feed our cells? Feeding cells occurs as a result of a complex series of chemical reactions. Nutrients are received in the cell from the external environment are the part of the cell body in the form of proteins, sugars, fats, oils, nitrogen and phosphorus compounds. Each cell contains a variety of chemical elements, they are involved in various processes, and it is one of the basic conditions of her life, development and functioning. In one cell some chemical elements are more but some are less. For human life, for nutrition cell needs 60 minerals, 28 amino acids, 15 vitamins, 3 unsaturated fatty acids.

The composition of cells comprises inorganic substances: water, mineral salts and organic matter, carbohydrates, fats, nucleic acids, ATP, salts, proteins (which are constructed from 28 amino acids). Amino acids are constantly used for synthesis and resynthesis of proteins and other substances - hormones, alkaloids, amines, pigments and other. Amino acids are divided into interchangeable and replaceable partly and 8 important are not synthesized in the body.

With a lack of essential amino acids the body's growth and development is delayed. Food, which has undergone high-temperature processing - are not alive, because amino acids (such as vitamins ) "die" at + 60ยบ.

Adult human`s requirement for each of the essential amino acids is an average of about 1 gramm per day. At cleavage 1gramm protein released 4.2 kcal (17.6 kJ). Releasing energy is not immediately used by the cell and is stored in the form of high-energy compounds, and also used by the cell as "building material" for synthesis of own organic compounds.

Water, air, light and food items which are converted into components of our cells, tissues, organs and body systems and all substances that the body's cells can use to carry out their functions - are human nutrition.

Our life depends on the food we eat: weight, height, youth and beauty, vigor, our sorrows, successes and failures - all the results of our POWER! "Every human which died a natural death, die of malnutrition, ie from a nutritional deficiency. Genetic potential life span is 120-140 years" Dr. Uollok. People with food, water and air gets 70% of the body affecting factors.

Nobody will feed their animals with stones and fill your car with milk or sand. Everyone knows that for example, a cow that she was healthy - you need the grass and the car will not move without petrol.

But why does to your body relation so blithely? Despite the fact that science DIETOLOGY has long existed, few people think about what happens to food that gets into our stomach, what good it will give us, if we get the energy or she would lie there as "heavy trash" in the cells, or will wander through the vessels, to decompose and eventually become a source of our illnesses?

J. Glasse - English gerontologist wrote: "I think parents would be useful to know that the "difficult" child's character is often the result of poor eating habits, correct nutrition improves mental ability, memory develops in children and thus easier for them to process learning."

And how can we be sure that we get together with food all the necessary nutrients such as proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. After all, modern food in beautiful packages contain many different components that are harmful and can lead to disease. There is not enough essential vitamins, trace elements, minerals, which are necessary to maintain proper functioning of the cells and the whole organism.

What should be our food? Closely as much possible the natural ones, should be excluded from the meal the surrogate food. And everything depends on our choice: the ability and desire to recognize and distinguish between harmful products from useful. Besides it is necessary to eat approximately 20 of plant components per day, and in appropriate combinations. It is very difficult, given the pace of our life! Recently, more and more people begin to look for a better nutrition program that will give them the confidence that they are getting a practical program, easy to use, secure, and it is important that there was a positive result. So we are talking today about a new science - OROCHRONODIETOLOGY, products Happyco, which are designed so that the cells of our body - the tiniest living units - Malnourished.

That is what will allow the cells to recover and perform their functions with maximum efficiency, protect them from free radicals that disrupt the function of the immune system and accelerate the aging process , provoke inflammatory processes violate DNA. We can break this chain of causes that lead to the consequences! Nowdays the orochronodietology is the only natural therapy that daily provides cells of all the necessary to naturally restore balance in the body, rehabilitate cells and cellular memory, as result to restore a healthy and happy life. The work Happyco products is multifaceted, affecting different systems of the human body and solving a lot. OROCHRONODIETOLOGY is the answer to all questions related to diet - there is a solution.

How do we experience the results of this food? We feel more energetic, confident and comfortable. At the same time, we know that our body receives the all necessary resources to prevent all kinds of diseases.

Each HappyCo product:

1. Fully nourishes the cells of the human body

2. Provides protection cells at a very high level

3. Regulates the digestive process

4. Normalizes the human biorhythm

5. Has a functional orientation

6. Normalizes the transfer of "happiness signal" cells throughout the body.

All Happyco products have been clinically tested for 20 years. This means that not just some of the ingredients are clinically tested, but fully whole formula product Happyco.

This is sufficient to guarantee the restoration and promotion of health.

If you understand this, the algorithm will perform the power for cells, protect and restore functions of cells, then you will never have to seek the help of doctors and worry about their health.

Try it! And feel the difference for yourself.