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The illusion of good beer for the human body.

Let's start with the fact that beer, as well as whiskey, brandy, wine is an alcoholic beverage, because its structure is also included alcohol.

Now everyone knows that alcohol consumption leads to inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach, cirrhosis of the liver, disease of pancreas, severe diseases of the heart and blood vessels. But many people underestimate the most insidious feature of alcohol which is to form a pathological addiction, morbid attraction to alcohol, that is alcoholism. The transition from the habit of "drinking a little" to alcoholism is usually unnoticed.  


Deeply mistaken who thinks that a health hazard only strong alcoholic drinks. Found that drinking two glasses of beer, man gives your body the same alcoholic burden, as if he drank 100 grams of whiskey. To verify this, perform a simple calculation. We use the conventional unit "absolute alcohol", thanks to which to compare the alcoholic beverages of any strength. It is well known that is 100 grams of 40 degree of whiskey contains 40 grams of pure alcohol. Fortress of the most common varieties of beer is 3,5° - 4,5°, which means that 100 grams of beer contains about 4 grams of pure alcohol.

Drink beer by mugs each 300 - 500 grams. Since the first beer enters the body 20 grams of absolute alcohol, two - over 40 grams, the same amount as in half a glass of vodka. These calculations one can continue on and see how much damage your body is applied to fans of the low-alcohol beverage.

Anyone who regularly drinks beer, experiencing the same congestion as in the use of alcoholic beverages. This is clearly confirmed by the observation of drug treatment of countries, where beer is the traditional drink.

Because of the low concentration of alcohol beers, as already mentioned, is usually drunk in large quantities. By itself, the intake of a large volume of liquid adversely affects the cardiovascular system and kidney. Do fans of the drink is formed by the so-called bull's heart, or the heart of beer, while the heart rate quickens, arrhythmias often there is an increase in blood pressure. Dilates blood vessels on the face, it becomes bloated, puffy, with the characteristic "bags" under the eyes.

Beer lovers usually do not associate their poor health with an addiction to it. On the other hand, to improve the health drink beer. Over time, the condition worsens: having bouts of tachycardia, dyspnea appeared with little physical exertion, periodically there swelling in the legs. Under the influence of alcohol in the muscles of the heart develops toxic alcohol dystrophy, which causes severe heart failure, the failure of the heart as a pump that provides normal blood circulation.

Inevitable concomitant abuse beer - overweight, obesity. After all, depending on the type of beer contains 4 - 10% carbohydrate. And as the excessive deposition of fat in the subcutaneous tissue at first sometimes makes people deceptively healthy appearance, this stage is "false fatness" and created a naive understanding of the health benefits of beer. In fact, even in this period, "the time being" in the body of the metabolism suffers liver. Working with constant congestion, this vital organ in time ceases to cope with their barrier functions. This leads to the fact that the uncleared alcohol enters the bloodstream and has a toxic effect on the cardiovascular system and kidney. Changes and the composition of the blood. Reduced its ability to clot, increases the permeability of small vessels. Disrupted and the normal activity of the pancreas, which leads to disorders typical of diabetes.

The complex of adverse changes in the body creates conditions for the development of such severe conditions, such as cerebral hemorrhage, pulmonary edema, which may occur against the background of even a minor infection.

But, perhaps, the beer is harmless in small doses? Unfortunately, the practice of drug treatment facilities suggests that this beer is often a sort of stepping stone on the path to addiction to alcohol, completed as alcoholism. Tolerance, the body's resistance to the action of alcohol, produced fairly quickly. And pretty soon there comes a time when, instead of one - two glasses of beer a person drinks five - six, if not more, and even with the addition of vodka.

The illusion of harmlessness beer is especially dangerous for those who underwent treatment for alcoholism. Even one glass of beer, drunk in this period, as a rule, leads to an exacerbation of the pathological craving for alcohol, which negates the results of treatment achieved considerable difficulty.

Try not to drink beer, but if you are still very fond of this drink, do not overdo it!

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