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Care of health means take care of the cells!

Probably everyone knows that cell is a basic element from which created all living beings (except for viruses). Many sentient beings consist of only a single cell as are bacteria, microbes, protozoa and unicellular algae beings. Each cell is a small living organism that has its own metabolism, capable of independent living, self-reproduction and development. If all the cells in the human body lay in a row, it will stretch more than 10,000 miles. 

humancellThe human body has more than 200 billion cells. There are two categories: "immortal" cells, mainly the nerve cells (neurons) that exist throughout human life and "deadly" cells that are constantly replaced. Thus, most of the cells in the human body all the time updated. Intestinal cells, there are only 5 days, liver cells - about 500 days, erythrocytes - 120 days, but the neurons - 100 years, muscle cells - more than 100 years!

Our body is unique! Scientists have proved that every cell in our body is updated within 11 months. This means that the biological reasons for aging NO! Our body may live very very long life. But a person is sick, aging ... This means that his Divine Laboratory for renewal and replacement of cells is not working as it should. Replacement cell goes bad. People live and feed so that the cell receives a minimum of "building blocks" for healthy functioning. Therefore, the body just is not WHAT TO BUILD!

P. Bragg made assessed how people eat, wrote: "This is not life, but a slow suicide. "In our blood constantly born and die, millions of red blood cells. But they were born healthy, in the right amount and they need a lot of different substances. If a person is the wrong way of life, do not eat, drink little water - the cells do not get the desired amount of nutrients and blood can not fully nourish the other cells in tissues and organs. Therefore  processes of syntesis are much slower than the decay processes. It is an important cause of cardiovascular diseases, as sections of the heart, blood vessels and capillaries is not received on time the necessary elements of nutrition and oxygen. Body is not able to change the threadbare cells on healthy vascular cells - not enough relevant substances. Even more difficult is happening to update the cells that form the hormones insulin, adrenaline, etc. 

Let`s see, how most people eat - cell hormones nor of what it means to build and update every 11 months! Because the cells of these hormones are built only of trace elements that exist in natural foods. In this regard, since many diseases of the thyroid gland, eg. Similarly, the bones which are built of cells, joints.

Without calcium, phosphorus, trace elements, minerals, they are destroyed. Only through the power supply to our body comes to creating new elements of cells instead of waste, if there is nothing to build, our body is unable to replace old cells with new ones!

Any part of our body is constantly corrected, restore and update, and work on this cell, while freeing your body of all unnecessary. The cells have a memory - it is a proven fact! Every cell is aware of what and how much she needs to work and life. We ourselves are responsible for their own health by choosing food and drink. "Man is what he eats" - the saying is true!

Fully to feed cells by all useful substances can cellular nutrition, which developed in the laboratory of Dr. Zannini in France. They are extremely comfortable in consumption, have a 20-year history of clinical trials and certified HACCP. Taking them every day, your cells will live a fully and long time!!