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Vegetables from greenhouses: benefit or harm?

Fresh vegetables are beneficial for our body because they contain a lot of useful vitamins and minerals for our health. In addition to the benefits, vegetables can have a negative impact on the human body. The danger here may come from growth promoters and fertilizer plants, which are used for growing vegetables in greenhouses.

The standards for levels of nitrates in the greenhouse plants is much higher than for the open ground plants. In the first place the nitrates can bring damage to the body.

Nitrates - a salt of nitric acid, natural compounds in free form naturally occurring minerals as sodium and potassium nitrate. For plants, nitrates are the main nutrient source of nitrogen in the construction of their cells.

According to scientific research, the abuse of early vegetables can lead to the interruption of pregnancy in young mothers.

Adults are getting a large amount of nitrates in the body threatens diarrhea, and children - oxygen starvation, while 40 to 80% of the daily requirement of nitrate enters into our body with fresh vegetables. It is also extremely dangerous than nitrates in vegetables from the greenhouse is the wax that covers the surface of vegetables to extend their shelf life and impart a more attractive looks.

Reduce of nitrate levels in vegetables possible by using the following ways:

1. Cut off the parts in which the content of nitrates as: for example in cabbage - it's stalk and upper leaves, in cucumber and radish - the flesh under the skin, in beet - the tip of the root.

2. Excellent effect from soaking vegetables in cold water, reducing the nitrate content in the products of 25%. Just before cooking vegetables hold 15-20 minutes in cold water, so that water completely covers them.

3. Boil in salted water at 50 - 70% nitrate out into water. Also reduce the nitrate content in vegetables can stewing, frying (reduce up to 10 % of harmful substances) and canning vegetables (70% of them remain in the marinade).

Let the food carries only health benefit for you!