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Meals at fast food place is dangerous for your health!

Health warnings of fast food heard many people. But what exactly is so bad of fast food and exactly which components it can cause irreparable harm to the body, and what to do from time to time may be used? The word fast food immediately comes to mind tray on which stands a glass with a sweet carbonated drink, huge multistory sandwich and fried potato. So let's talk about these products.

Huge multistory sandwich at thirty percent is made up of harmful trans-fats. They are used in the making of fast food everywhere. Trans-fats are in all kinds of margarines and some specialized fats, produced from natural ingredients and used in the food industry. So, trans-fats interfere with the immune system, affect the metabolic processes in the body, can bring the atherosclerosis and diabetes. In addition, trans-fats are insanely harmful to pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. It turns out that if a woman during pregnancy eating foods rich in trans-fats (fast food), her baby may be born with low body weight. Trans-fats not only adversely affect the composition of breast milk, but also get into it, that is, your baby with milk will get no useful vitamins and minerals, and half the chemical periodic table.

Back to the burgers.

In addition to fatty buns and fatty chops here there are mayonnaise, lots of preservatives and food additives, with negative impact primarily on the digestive system, the liver and the pancreas. Among the components of a hamburger there are such that increased pressure. For example, a large amount of salt. Only two such sandwich include daily dose of salt for adult!

Now about the potatoes.

It is so tempting smells and crunches on your teeth. First, for cooking french fries in large networks using only transgenic material. If you safely eat genetically modified products, can not straining. Secondly, kilograms of potatoes are fried in the same oil. Well, who would each time drain the oil and pour new? This is the extra cost. Modern equipment for fast food is equipped with oil filtration systems. But the filter is unable to apprehend the carcinogenic substances that accumulate in the oil during frying. They all fit into your wonderful, deliciously scented potatoes! The product is again very greasy and heavy for digestion. Contains lots of calories, not giving the body a single gram of vitamins or other nutrients.

Let`s go to the sweet soda.

If you are a devotee of healthy lifestyle and choose only diet soda, it absolutely does not mean that your body does not get to the dozen chemicals that give water smell, taste and color. There is in this water natural is only water, there's nothing natural. Among other things, artificial sweeteners are harmful to the body. This has been proved by scientists around the world. This cheating for the body. Sugar it seems also received, but it isn't present. Human body has already made all the necessary enzymes for processing. And so it has wasted for our digestive system. If you occasionally drink sugary soda, you've noticed that it is absolutely impossible to quench your thirst. This is due to the high content of sugars or sweeteners, and also because it contains special ingredients that increase thirst. Imagine, you drink to get rid of thirst, and it turns out all the way around. You drink more and more in hope to satisfy thirst. The body gets plenty of calories and zero for useful. 

Regular consumption of fast food leads to disruption of microbial balance in the gut, gastritis, obesity. Is violated even the process of blood and hormones. The man that feeds the fast food feel lack of energy, he often suffers from colds. One of the most visible symptoms of the poisoning of fast food is the overweight, bad complexion and unhealthy skin.

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