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Cancer - epidemic of the third Millennium!

cancer cellEvery day on our planet from cancer die, tens of thousands of people. About a third of them have hereditary disease soil. However, the vast majority cause of tumor processes is not only the hereditary factor and the impact of unfavourable environmental conditions, but also wrong and harmful lifestyles. We all have vices. And if the person does not have enough will power to change yourself, then at least it should somehow insure and protect their health.

What is the tumor cells?

These cells stop to perform their specific functions. They randomly divided, rebuild the metabolism, resulting in severe toxicity and its collapse, broken structure of vital organs. Every day the tumor cells are formed in our bodies as a result of the structure violation of DNA. The body, of course, there are ways to influence the process, antitumor immunity and programmable cell death, which is by its nature a universal biological phenomenon. But in life nothing is too simple. It happens that the tumor cells are unrecognizable to the immune system and is impervious to commands to commit suicide.

What led to the tumor on the above scenario?

The answer is simple: the factors damaging the cell and its genetic apparatus. The action of electromagnetic radiation, ionizing radiation, oncogenes (substances that cause mutations and tumor development), as well as oxidation products. Open another secret: during chronic diseases cells have to actively are devided to restoring the structure of the body. But here's the hidden catch. Each cell normally lasts for a certain number of divisions, or cell cycles. With every deviding of cells the DNA loses part of useful information. Thus, when the cell reach up the deviding limit, it loses own specialized functions and become less differentiated. Here is a limit and its possibilities, and the number of tick marks. What's next for this face? The end result we all know.

There are reasons, which increase the risk of malignant neoplastic diseases:

1. The ageing of the body.

2. The individual characteristics of metabolic and immune disorders.

3. Bad habits.

4. External factors (carcinogens, mutagens, electromagnetic and radiation).

5. The peculiarities of climate and national traditions in everyday life and nutrition.

Each of us has an individual activity ratio of the three metabolic systems. We not only share certain physiological and psychological characteristics, but also the predisposition to various diseases. When rebalancing exchange violated many biochemical and biophysical processes that lead to the development of the disease. Emotional sphere violations lead to excessive activation of a system, which then begins to overwhelm the remaining two. As a result of subtle energy balance is disturbed, resulting in a violation of the functions of the body, the education and the accumulation of toxins. Toxins, in turn, damage organs and tissues, and manifests itself in the form of the disease. This mechanism underlies the emergence and development of cancer.

An effective method to prevent cancer in the human`s body is prophylaxis.

Doing prophylaxis, you must give your body's cells the right diet, because if the cell receives everything necessary for its proper functioning, the cell will last a very long time and efficiently carry out its function. Professor Gaetano Zannini after lengthy research and clinical trials, brought forth the formula of nutrients for human cells, from which the cell was able to live indefinitely. In addition to the invention itself, the consistency of the supply of nutrients for the cell, he came up with the opportunity to combine all the elements into one dragge that all nutrients are absorbed in the oral cavity and enter the cells, bypassing the digestive system. Every dragge has 100% natural ingredients of plant origin and also products have a history of clinical trials for over 20 years.

Consuming system of daily, you'll give the cells to good nutrition, healthy cells – strong immunity and, consequently, the likelihood of the disease of cancer in your body will be reduced to zero!

Stay healthy, live happily ever after!