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Ask a direct question: how far would you rate your health?

First, assess your health as a whole, from 0 to 10, where 10 is when you wake up with a huge amount of energy and desire to love, live, work and create. This is when your body is able to withstand what decides your head. And 0 is the total lack of desire and energy to do anything.

Are you satisfied with your assessment?

Now let's consider a little more, expanding the notion of health on several components: 


1. Energy. The main thing that gives us full health. What is the percentage of time during the day, you feel a burst of energy and good quality? 
2. Sleep. Let's see how well you sleep. What percentage of time do you quickly fall asleep easily and wake up with good sleep?
3. Emotional state. What percentage of 100% of your thoughts are creative and some self-flagellation or criticism of other people?
4. The absence of disease.

How you feel in General healthy person? At 50, 70 or 90%?

Now do you see a rough picture of your health?

You can calculate the average and estimate what percentage of its vital resources you use.

If you have low energy, poor sleep, the preponderance of negative thoughts, you are rooting for the one, the other, you don't use your full potential. 

Now imagine a 50% boiled porridge or soup. Or even to 80 or 90%. Is it not very tasty, right?

That's how our body. When we are not using the 100% of our natural potential health, our life is incomplete.

Health is the Foundation of development of spherical. Only when we have a lot of healthy energy, we can best be realized in fact, be a great family man and be useful to society.

There is no single system of nutrition or physical activity that fits all. Moreover, our body is constantly changing and always need to find a new approach, depending on our age, where we live, season and other factors.

The main thing is not the intensity and regularity-loads, nutrition, cleansing procedures. 

* Better every day to go to the gym for 30 minutes, then once a month for 5 hours.

* Better every day say nice words to relatives than once a month for an hour.

* Better to include in your diet healthy foods than once a month there is only salads.

Everything in our life is subject to the Act. 

Certainly you hear often from relatives and friends, that THEY HAVE NO TIME to DEAL with their health.
And that someone once said: "If you don't have time to health now means you will have to find time for illness then".

Most diseases, according to the scientists, can be prevented by doing three things:

1. Move much.

2. Eat right.

3. Think more of the beneficial and creative.

System HAPPYCO is UPGRADE - i.e. it updating and improving what you have at the moment. The good news is that making health upgrade, we automatically will improve and other spheres of life. 

Ask yourself: If you are going to live the way you live today, how you will feel after 10 years? 

Compare your life with people to 50 years for health reasons can be attributed to the elderly, those in 50 years, feels better than 20. Which of these 2 groups closer to your present lifestyle?

Here's the answer. If today's lifestyle does not give you the improvements, then this program is a must, otherwise you will be late.

Please note: If you do not find time for his health, then you will need to find time for illness.

How much does it cost?

Ask the first question: how much is your health worth to you?

And how much are health habits?

How much is the absence of diseases that can be prevented by practicing healthy eating and sport?

How much is an unreal energy flow, which you have to make breakthroughs in your favorite business and be cool partner and parent?

Reasons why you should take HAPPYCO:

1. HAPPYCO system you many times taken for the improvement of their health, but after a couple of days or, at most, a week merged. 

2. Your environment consists predominantly of people not giving due attention to the health.

3. You want to be living.

4. You want to wake up with clean and fresh.

5. You want to quickly fall asleep.

6. You want to have a good sleep for 6-7 hours.

7. You want to experience the joy of your body.

8. You dream of going to the beach without a sense of restraint.

10. You want to be role models for their children in the field of health.

11. You have any bad habits that destroy your life.

12. You want through 10 years feel at times better than now.

13. You would like to travel a lot, and you need the strength and energy to do this.

14. You want to be able to work with a high degree of concentration all day.

15. You understand that by improving the health of podtânete other areas of life.

16. You want to consciously and structured approach to your health. 

17. You want more respect.

18. You want a healthy lifestyle has become a burden, not a joy. 

Program HAPPY.CO based on the Orochronodietology – it is the pinnacle of efficiency, confirmed for hours and days, not weeks and months!

Orochronodietology is the first science on nutrition cell, which has shown its ability to provide the body the necessary elements for its best performance. In full accordance with the rhythms of the body, it provides nourishment and cell protection, strengthening the weakened function. With the proper nutrition, protection and support, the body is able to perform its vital functions more easily, the balance is restored to the State, and consequently the ideal functioning.

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