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Beneficial properties of longan fruit to human health

longanLongan fruit is very beneficial for human health. Although the longan appearance is not nice, but despite this, juicy fruits have excellent taste and are reasonably pleasant aroma. Another important feature is an absence of contraindications longan consumption.

Composition of longan.

One hundred grams of longan contain: proteins - 1.3 g, fat - 0.1 g, carbohydrates – 15.0 g, calorie - 60 kcal, as well as a rich set of macro- and microelements: potassium - 266.0 mg, calcium - 1.0 mg, magnesium - 10.0 mg, sodium - 1.0 mg, phosphorus - 196.0 mg, iron - 5.4 mg, manganese – 0.3 mg, zinc - 0.2 mg and copper – 807.0 mcg.

The list of contained in longan vitamins: B1, B2, B3, C, PP.

Longan benefits for health.

1. Longan has long been used as a remedy for stomach problems such as infections and pain. Eating longan fruit is regarded a natural remedy for treating a stomach ache. The fruit helps to improve and boost the immune system and this helps the body fight against various diseases.

2. Longan also helps to improve the working of the cardiovascular system as well as the heart.

3. Longan is rich in potassium and is therefore helpful in maintaining one's blood pressure and keeping it normal.

4. Eating longan is also a good way to cure anemia as it helps to improve the rate at which iron is absorbed into the body.

5. The leaves of the longan tree contain quercetin which has antiviral and antioxidant properties. They are therefore used to treat various cancers, allergies as well as in treatment for cardiovascular diseases and diabetes.

6. Consuming dried longan fruit is believed to help cure people of sleeping disorders like insomnia.

7. It is also used to treat health conditions such as amnesia and neurasthenic neurosis.

8. Longan fruit also helps to improve the functioning of the nerves as well as calm the nervous system.

9. The kernel of this fruit contains fat, tannin and saponin which act as a styptic.

10. Longans also contain phenolic acids which act as powerful antioxidants and also contain antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties.

11. The fresh fruit of the longan tree is often consumed to reduce and bring down high fevers.

12. The seeds are often given to persons to consume if they suffer from heavy and excessive sweating.

13. Longan also helps to reduce aging and helps to improve one's skin, particularly, around the eyes. It is believed to improve one's complexion and prevent skin from peeling as well.

14. This fruit is also believed to nourish the blood as well as invigorate the spleen.

15. The fruit also helps to reduce fatigue and lowers irritability in people as well.

Longan: harm and contraindications.

Longan harm is much less than benefits. Longan harm can only be of allergy, in great consumption or individual intolerance. Also it's necessary to be wary of dried fruit of this exotic plant, because they have a sedative effect.

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