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Obesity - is excessive deposition and accumulation of fat in the body associated with metabolic disorders. When disturbed metabolism of fat formation processes proceed more intensively than the processes of digestion and its absorption by the body, as well as removing excess of it.

The causes of obesity. The causes of obesity, in particular, are inactive, sedentary lifestyle, excess food with a predominance of fatty, fried foods as well as muffins, sweets and confectionery. The cause of obesity can become excessive and systematic consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially beer. Obesity can be a side effect of the use of certain hormones and so on.

Obesity is characterized by a significant increase in body weight. In medicine distinguish four degree of obesity: When higher than normal body weight by 30% it is I grade, if up to 50% it is II grade, if up to 100% it is III grade and IV grade if weight is more than 100 %.

When I and II degrees of obesity and the ability to work life activity is not violated, but one tends to move the stage to the other, and so I face the degree of II, III and even IV, if no action is taken, and not to do a comprehensive treatment of obesity.

Changes in metabolism, increasing the load on the bones and joints can lead to major changes in the musculoskeletal system. When pronounced obesity inevitable disorder of respiratory and cardiovascular systems, leading to pulmonary and cardiac failure. Obesity can lead to diabetes, hypertension, angina pectoris, gallstone disease, myocardial infarction, and other diseases.

Process treatment this disease must be very serious, and obesity prevention should begin in childhood. This prevention should be to inculcate in children the habit efficiently, on time, and with a moderately diverse feed. Parents shouldtake care ofthe dietof children, especiallysmall ones,not tooverfeedthem, the food must be balanced andaccustomed toregular exercise.

Take care oftheirfooddietis necessary not onlyin childhood andyoung age, and in the morematureage after 35years. Should be excluded from the diet of the foods that contain excessive amounts of digestible, carbohydrates and animal fats, which can lead to excess weight. In addition, it is necessary to do regularly morning exercises prerequisite of their lifestyle. A certain amount of exercise throughout the day will help keep a good shape and avoid excess weight.

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