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Passion fruit benefits to health and contraindications

passion fruitPassion fruit benefits to human health as a good remedy for natural healing. Passion fruit causes extremely beneficial effect on digestive system, able to restore the functioning of gastrointestinal tract, normalizes metabolism and helps cleanse a body of harmful substances.

Composition of passion fruit.

One hundred grams of passion fruit contain: proteins - 2.2 g, fat - 1.5 g, carbohydrates – 14.5 g, calorie - 97 kcal, as well as a rich set of macro- and microelements: potassium - 348.0 mg, calcium - 12.0 mg, magnesium - 29.0 mg, phosphorus - 68.0 mg, iron - 1.6 mg, zinc - 0.1 mg, iodine – 1.3 mcg, copper – 86.0 mcg and selenium – 0.6 mcg.

The list of contained in passion fruit vitamins: A, B1, B2, B5, B6, C, E, K, PP.

Passion fruit benefits for health.

Passion fruit boosts an immunity. Immunity is our body’s defense system against various pathogens like virus, bacteria, toxins etc that make the body unhealthy and lead to disease and infections. Our immune system is responsible for our immunity.

It has an important role of identifying the threat and eliminating it from the system before it causes a significant damage. Antioxidants are termed as “friends” of our immune system.

Vitamin A, Vitamin C and phytonutrients like Xanthin and Beta Carotene are highly effective in optimizing the immune function of our body. It results in a higher resistance against common disease like cold, flu and other infections.

Vitamin C is particularly known for alleviating cold and cough; and since it’s a water soluble vitamin, its loss from body is at a higher rate. This loss can be replenished by fruits like Passion fruits that are a rich source of Vitamin C.

Passion fruit improves vision. Your vision and eye health tends to deteriorate with age and in some younger people due to infections and weakness of optical nerves. Nowadays you can find even children wearing thick spectacles which is partly due to excessive exposure to screens in form of television and computers and rest can be blamed on the unhealthy food habits. The good news is that loss of eye vision and general improvement in eyesight can be attained by including healthy food in the diet.

Passion fruit is among those healthy foods that prove beneficial for eye. It contains a high amount of antioxidant like Vitamin A, Vitamin C and flavonoids. These nutrients protect eyes from free radical damage and take care of the mucous membranes that shield cornea of the eye. Apart from these Beta Carotene in this fruit is known for its positive effects on eye and its vision. It is a phytonutrient and a precursor to Vitamin A. So it is beneficial to protect eyes from vision loss and improve eyesight.

Passion fruit enhances a mood. Passion fruit and its flower contain medicinal Alkaloids and its phytonutrients are known to have mild sedative properties. It was found that eating passion fruit relaxes the nervous system and induces sleep. This makes it a very effective mood enhancer and in fact many doctors are now using these natural supplements to treat issues like depression, anxiety and insomnia. The drugs to treat these disorders are strong, unsafe and have numerous side effects. This is why there is a renewed emphasis on including the nerve calming food items in daily diet of people suffering from these disorders.

Passion fruit helps the body to cure cancer. There is a significant increase in cancer cases in recent times. Cancer is caused by numerous factors and at times without any apparent reason. But the process which begins the onset of cancer is production of free radicals in body.

Our body needs oxygen for all of its functions but certain molecules on exposure to oxygen can alter and damage the sanctity of DNA at cellular level. These damaged cells are called free radicals and their growth is what we call cancer. Their unique property of dividing incessantly makes them dangerous. Formation of free radicals is natural and antioxidants clean them up regularly before they can damage the healthy cells.

Passion fruit contains high amount of Vitamin A and Vitamin C, both are strong anti-oxidants. They neutralize these free radicals and protect from cancer. The flavonoids further enhance the potency of Passion fruit in providing antioxidants to body and protecting from cancer. Recent studies have also shown that in cancer patients, Passion fruits can kill the cancerous cells.

Passion fruit improves digestion. As mentioned earlier. Passion fruits have a high amount of dietary fiber especially the soluble fiber. Fruits that contain high amounts of soluble fiber increase bulk laxative and improves digestion. They result in improved capacity of the body in absorbing the nutrition from food. Fiber absorbs water and softens the stools to make for an easy and healthy bowel movement.

Passion fruit is not only rich in fiber but also has a high water content which is a must with fiber for improving digestion. It stimulates digestion with the help of its enzymes that increase the amount of digestive juices produced in the stomach. It is also known to relieve the body from many other gastric ailments as a result.

Passion fruit normalizes blood pressure. High potassium content with almost no sodium makes Passion fruit highly effective in protecting from high blood pressure. High sodium levels are associated with increase in blood pressure and consequently resulting in other disease like heart attack or stroke. Sodium is required in very limited quantities in our body but most of it is derived from our usual diet containing salt. Therefore, any salt eaten over and above your meals and fruits makes for an extra consumption of sodium.

Potassium regulates electrolyte balance and controls the muscle function of our entire body including heart muscles. It is also responsible for release of calcium in the blood stream which can cause blockages in the arteries if released in excess. These three functionalities of Potassium make it an indirect factor which regulates optimum blood pressure in the body.

Passion fruit increases hemoglobin in blood. The red color of our blood is due to a pigment called hemoglobin whose chief content is Iron.

Hemoglobin carries out the main function of blood which is transporting blood to all parts of our body. When doctors talk about low level of blood, it usually refers to deficiency of hemoglobin called Anemia.

Anemia is not a serious condition but if it remains unchecked and undiagnosed for long, it can lead to very serious consequences. Usual symptoms of low hemoglobin includes persistent tiredness, breathlessness, drowsiness, blackouts and dizziness.

Passion fruit contains high amount of iron which is 20% of daily required value along with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is vital for absorption of iron in the body. It prevents loss of iron and increases hemoglobin in the blood.

Passion fruit helps cardiovascular health. There are more than one reason why passion fruits should be really close to your heart. Cholesterol is probably the number one enemy of heart. It blocks arteries and create fluctuation in the blood pressure resulting in an increased stress on your heart.

Passion fruit has almost no cholesterol and minimum fats. But its goodness does not stop at just being a low fat fruit. Passion fruit contains high amount of fiber which reduces cholesterol level in blood. It increases HDL (good cholesterol) and reduces LDL (bad cholesterol).

Apart from these, it has potassium which protects from irregular heart beat and regulates the contraction and expansion of heart muscles. The anti-oxidants in Passion fruit further discourage and clean out the plaque formation along the inner lining of arteries.

Passion fruit: harm and contraindications.

The use of passion fruit not recommended for people prone to allergic reactions, as well as in the case of individual intolerance of the product.

Passion fruit seeds cause drowsiness, so to eliminate the use cases that require courage and quick reaction.

Before consumption, passion fruit should be cleaned from wax and antibacterial agents, used against rot and pests.

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