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Some facts of luffa benefits for human health

luffaLuffa has beneficial properties for human health due to its composition of nutrients. Sponge made of luffa is a natural and brings benefits to human body.

Composition of luffa.

One hundred grams of luffa contain: proteins - 1.2 g, fat - 0.2 g, carbohydrates – 4.4 g, calorie - 20 kcal.

The list of contained in luffa vitamins: A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B9, C, E, PP.

Luffa benefits for health.

Luffa juice can cure conjunctivitis, as well as get rid of problems with oily skin. When anemia is used fruit and ovary of luffa. Luffa is very useful in diseases of respiratory system, but other than that, the luffa has a firming effect. This plant is used for production a lot of medicines. These drugs are used for pain in joints. Infusions made from luffa is prescribed for people with chronic diseases of the nose.

Porridge with luffa helps get rid of breast cough.

This plant has antipyretic action, so in oriental medicine for patients with a high temperature is required to get luffa.

Young mums also need this plant, because it can be used to increase lactation.

Luffa sponge benefits to health.

Luffa is used for making sponge at home. Luffa sponge has some benefits for health:

- stimulates blood circulation;

- hypoallergenic, does not cause irritation;

- cleansing;

- sponge has a lymphatic drainage action;

- fight against cellulite and stretch marks.

Luffa: harm and contraindications.

It should be noted that at this moment showed no contraindications of luffa, besides are hypersensitive.

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