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Lemon juice benefits and harm for health

lemon juiceLemon juice is very beneficial for our health because it's a source of number of nutrients. Each person is recommended daily to eat one lemon or lemon juice to drink. In some diseases, lemon juice might be harmful.

Lemon juice benefits for health.

Lemon juice contains an ascorbic acid what is useful not only for immunity. Vitamin C is necessary to strengthen the walls of blood vessels, with its lack of capillary walls become less durable and bleeding may occur. Additionally, this vitamin is involved in formation of substances carnitine, which is necessary for energy supply. Therefore lemon juice is useful for people who tire quickly. During a spring beriberi, it will help fill vitamin and mineral reserves in body, so that will increase efficiency, improve vitality and mood.

There is also a positive effect of lemon juice on brain activity during its use improves memory, an ability to concentrate, maintain a balance of psycho-emotional sphere.

Undoubtedly, lemon juice is useful in diseases of heart and blood vessels. Due to the fact that it promotes normalization of lipid metabolism in organism ceases to accumulate harmful cholesterol, that is deposited as plaques on vascular walls. Besides lemon juice lowers blood pressure, so useful for people suffering of hypertension. Lemon juice is useful in anemia and as vitamins and other substances contained in it, contribute to a better absorption of iron from other foods.

The substances included in lemon juice, have potent antioxidant properties, therefore it prevents premature aging of cells, and also possesses antitumor effect. It should be noted that an antioxidant properties of lemon juice greatly enhanced when using it with garlic. A particularly useful such a mixture is considered to be for people suffering of asthma.

Lemon juice helps to normalize glucose and water-salt metabolism in body. It's recommended to use in urolithiasis, gout and rheumatism, as lemon juice helps eliminate excess uric acid and other substances that accumulate in the body in these diseases. In diabetes lemon juice lowers blood sugar levels.

It should be noted antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory effect of lemon juice. It's even able to neutralize poisons some arachnids. For example, in tropical countries lemon is used as an antidote to scorpion bites (one half of lemon is applied to site of bite and squeeze out a juice and drink from the second).

Lemon juice is used for cosmetic purposes, it helps whiten the skin, get rid of freckles and age spots, nourishes a skin, removes fat and helps her to cope with acne.

Lemon juice: harm and contraindications.

Lemon juice, like all citrus fruits, can cause allergies, so even healthy people who have never encountered this problem, an abuse of that product is not necessary.

Lemon juice in its pure form has a negative effect on the enamel of the teeth, so it is recommended to drink only diluted and mixed with other fresh juices. After its use should rinse your mouth with water.

Lemon juice contains an acid what may have a negative effect on inflamed mucous membranes of gastrointestinal tract, so it is not suitable for erosive gastritis, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer. Even during remission of these diseases should be abandoned of lemon juice. Also, do not abuse this juice for people suffering of pancreatitis should drink it only in a diluted form in small amounts.

In inflammatory diseases of mouth and throat, you should not drink and use to rinse a concentrated lemon juice, its effect on inflamed tissue can lead to further irritation, strengthening of pain or bleeding.

Do not give a lemon juice for children under three years of age, it not only can cause allergies, but also have an adverse effect on the gastric mucosa in children.

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